Monday, January 23, 2012

5 x 2km with 2 min rest

I was hoping I would be recovered enough to apply a good effort to this workout. I had been to see Bex that morning and she was happy with my hip. It is healing but I do still have to be careful. Today was my first walk with out the magic Pink tape I was a little nervous.

I thought I should start out on my first km ....easy and then pick it up for the 2nd km and I did just that. I stopped for my 2 min rest and took a good drink. Away I went again and I quickly slipped into a nice pace that I felt happy with. I was pushing but not racing.

I get through this work out by only ever focusing on the 5 laps that I have to do at any one time. Makes it easier for me. I was really pleased that I felt strong and the walk felt good ... not easy but not too hard either.

On the last km I picked up that pace on the last 400m and it was during this lap that I could feel my hip. It was a deep ache in the hip joint and it would hurt for a moment on each heel strike. It was not bad enough to slow me up or to make me stop....but if it had gotten worse, I would have just stopped.

All in all I am very happy with this walk.

5.35.8 + 5.30.7 = 11.06.5
5.29.0 + 5.31.5 = 11.00.5
5.30.7 + 5.32.3 = 11.03.0
5.33.3 + 5.34.1 = 11.07.4
5.32.3 + 5.27.3 = 10.59.6

5 x 2km with 2 min rest

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