Saturday, January 14, 2012

24km out an back monaco

This started out ok. I felt really good and strong until I popped out at Monaco at the 5km mark. It is not sheltered from this point around and back. It follows the sea and if its windy it is here that you will wear it. Well it was windy....really windy! I punched into it to get the 6th km down and then turned and enjoyed the wind at my back for the 7th km then from there round to the 12km turn it was head on again.

I stopped at the 12km point and took my first fuel - Peak Fuel Coffee flavour - one I have never tried before and some fizz water. I headed back to home and felt good, I had the wind to my back but by 15km I was starting to struggle. I had a funny stitch starting and a sharp pain under my collar bone and I was needing to use the toilet ... but I still had 3 km to go until I passed by the only toilet. I knew I could hold on but I could feel that bruising feeling in the pit of my stomach again. I stopped at the 18km mark, I had more to drink, used the loo and then had my lippin (I had found this in the cupboard) - side note - I hate Lemon!! I made it to 20km in 2:02:58 and I was very happy with that. But the next km had me dry retching and my stomach went into knots. I had to slow down and try to get my stomach together. Even my last km going down the walkway was slow...I felt AWFUL and this is why we try different fuels while my lesson for the day is DONT EVER use Lippen and perhaps not the coffee flavour peak fuel .... I like the berry flavour.

Total time 2:30:15

24km out an back monaco

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