Friday, January 06, 2012

3 x 2km & 4 x 1km

I have not done this mix before and was looking forward to giving it a go.  I picked the track as I like to know 100% that I am doing the right distance.

I started out for my first 2km - I was feeling ok.  Body was stiff and a little sore from the 15km the day before. I could sure feel my glutes working today.  I was really pleased with my time for the 2km and felt the effort was not too hard but I was not mucking around either.  Now the trick was, could I repeat it for the next two lots.  I was starting to get tired on the my last lot of 2kms but it was nice to know I was swapping onto 1km reps now.

I had 2mins rest between each set and it felt more than enough.  I was still struggling to get my legs to fire properly.  I dont feel I have any actual speed yet.  I had thought my 1 km reps would be much faster than in my 2km ones....but I was tired by now and my fast twitch were not twitching.  Instead they were fairly consistent and I know that I was putting in a good effort with each one.  It will be nice when I can do a whole 10km at this pace.

Garmin site is down for repair so there is no link for the data at this stage.

1st  - 5:26 + 5:25 = 10:51
2nd - 5:24 + 5:26 = 10:50
3rd - 5:27 + 5:31 = 10:58

1st  - 5:26
2nd - 5:30
3rd - 5:32
4th - 5:29

Total time including the 2min rests was 1:06:44
Avg h/r = 150 Max h/r 167

data finally up
3 x 2km and 4 x 1km

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