Thursday, January 26, 2012

800 + 200 x 8

I had no idea of how I was meant to walk this session. I kind of figured ... go hard out for each one and I guess progressively get slower and slower.

So thats what I started off doing. I went out fast for the first 800m......gasping for my 30sec rest and then fast again for the last 200m and then a 2min rest before doing it 7 more times.

By the 3rd one I was struggling legs had gone a funny numb feeling and I was having trouble getting them to move let alone push. As I finished my 4rd rep my ears were roaring and I was getting spots in front of my eyes. Hmmm time to slow down a tad. I was drinking water when I was able. So as hard as I tried there was just nothing in my legs. I remembered that I had a gel in my bag so I took half and started again....then on my 2nd to last one I finished the gel. It did help and in fact probably helped me continue. I had thought to quit many times during this workout.......but I am glad that I didnt.

4.05.4 + .57.8 = 5.03.2
4.03.9 + .59.2 = 5.03.1
4.08.6 + 58.3 = 5.06.9
4.12.4 + 1.01.1 = 5.13.5
4.22.0 + .59.1 = 5.21.1
4.18.7 + .59.8 = 5.28.5
4.14.9 + .59.6 = 5.24.5
4.17.1 + .59.3 = 5.26.4

This was really hard and I struggled with this.

800 + 200 x 8

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