Saturday, January 28, 2012

24 km out and back monaco

I have to do this.....I have a small mental block with this distance at the moment.

I was so thankful that my friend Yvonne agreed to come out and jog beside me and that she was going to do the whole 24km! I really find that having company helps so much. We were able to chat the whole way. The only real struggle was from 9km to 12km as we had such a strong head wind. Yvonne felt like she was jogging on the spot!

I am glad to say that I had no hip pain or hammy pain...yay!!!! I did have to put my older training shoes on as I have now worn through the bottom of my others. Due to the blisters my new shoes had given me...they had not quite healed properly and I have now discovered that I have a lovely thumb size blister again! GRRRR I only had a few little GI moments but nothing worth mentioning at the time.

total time 2.29.39 avg pace: 6.14

I am totally happy with that.

24 km out and back monaco

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