Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5km fartlek - track

4 days with no training...you would think I would be rearing to go and fully buzzing. Turns out the reason why I had such a crumby weekend was due to a nasty bladder infection. After my walk on Friday I felt like someone had kicked me in the lower abdomen, but I didn't think too much about it but the pain got worse over the weekend and then I ended up sick. So the 24km was flagged but when I flag a long walk I spend the whole day feeling so guilty.

I woke today and felt better and was fully ready for the 5km fartlek. I opted to use the track today instead of the walk way and I really felt it would be a good walk. I got to the track and it was scorching hot! Temp was around the 22deg but out on the track it always feels hotter. I set my water bottle up and figured pretty quickly that I would have to stop to be able to drink during this one. I warmed up and my shins pumped up and went so tight. I hunted through my bag and found some muscle rub and gave them a good rub which helped alot.

I started out and felt good and fast. My ankles were freeing up and my shins were no longer tight or hurting. I went into my first recovery 500m and felt good and powered up for my fast 500m. I continued on through to the 3rd fast but by the time I came to the recovery my legs were spent. They felt like wet noodles and I was struggling.....it was hot and dry and I was so thirsty. So I stopped briefly to grab a drink and then I headed out and gave it my all to try and finish on a fast km. I am a little disappointed as I really felt this would be a good fast walk but it was just average. My coach is happy with it and he broke it down into smaller distances eg 2km time and 3km time etc.....and it did make it look better.

1st km = 5.07
3.00 + 2.33 = 5.33
3.00 + 2.39 = 5.39
3.10 + 2.42 = 5.52
2.58 + 2.41 = 5.39

total time 27:53 avg heart rate 157 max 173

5km fartlek - track

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