Friday, January 20, 2012

10km on tread mill

I had my hip re strapped up this morning and I was keen to try 10km again today. Once again the treadmill was the best option. The temperature soared this afternoon and I figured that I would be silly to go out and dehydrate myself before tomorrows 10km. Seeing as tomorrow's race will be extremely hot and tough.

I picked a simple pace for this one as I dont want to be worn out for tomorrow either. So I picked 9.5 for the first couple of km and then went up to 9.7 km/hr which = 6:12 / km

I ticked away at this pace easily but did start to feel tired at 7km and at 9.700 km my hip flexor started to pinch. I kept going to finish and had a good stretch. My hip is achy but but its not painful. I will dig out the ice pack and will see how it is tomorrow.

1:02:16 for 10km

10km on tread mill

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