Monday, January 16, 2012

2km reps

I was meant to do 5 x 2km reps. I was totally ok with this now. After talking to my coach about how this is meant to be done, I had a new appreciation for this.

After my 24km I found that the front of my right hip and right glute were aching. So badly that it kept me awake for most of the night. I figured it was either my psoas or my piriformis. Sunday I had drills with the girls and I felt some pain on my outter hip but put it down to stiffness.

Today I woke up to a numb sensation in my hip/glute. It got sorer and sorer as the day went on. I went to the track and decided to try out my new shoes. I had managed to sell some bits and pieces so that I could buy myself some new racing shoes. Only they rub alittle on one heel. I put some tape on my heel and started out. By lap 2 the tape had pulled off and was annoying me. The pain in my hip was making my right leg feel add. Almost numb. I made the first 2km and stopped for the 2min recovery. I started out for my second 2km and got to lap 3 and my heel was rubbing up and starting to hurt along with my hip and deep in my glute. I stopped at the end of this 2km and changed shoes. I had brought my other racing shoes down ..just in case. But when I took my shoe off and saw a blister already formed I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough I only made it part way round the next lap and I was done.

I was so annoyed that my new shoes eat my heels and only just after 4 km!! grrr plus I need to buy better sports tape...the tape that I had just brought.....could barely stick to paper let alone skin!

So I have booked in to see Bex first thing in the morning. I need to know what I have done to my hip...obviously the 24km really pulled it.

2km reps

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