Thursday, July 31, 2014

10km Broadbeach

Sadly all my walking buddies are sick with head colds and have had this week off walking.  But I had decided I would still go and do my 8km and just enjoy turning my legs over.

Once I got to the walkway and started out I changed my mind and decided to carry on and do 10km.  I really need some distance in my legs at the moment.  I think I am lacking speed due to weight gain, lack of fitness and not enough flexibility.  So I am only going to change all those by getting out there and walking.

It wasnt as scary as I thought it would be.  I had my jacket with the built in lights so people could see me on and the path itself is pretty well lit so I can see where I am going.

While I was slow, it was still nice to get out there and just walk.  A great stress reliever thats for sure.  I need to sit down and work out a program now so that I can start to build up for Pan Pac's.  My first goal is to get used to walking 3 days in a row and also trying to get one walk a week over 10km.

tonight it was 10km in 1.05.48  avg heart rate was 147 so showed I was just ticking my legs over.

10km walkway

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

track session and club walk

On Saturday our club hosted our first ever walk on the coast.  So to support the club I have happy to come along and do a 10km.  But with the hassels I have been having, I knew on the day I would struggle to do 10km.    It was a good turn out and the course was ok.  3 tight turns but over all nice surface, but the tight turns and my tight back just said NOPE ... so I opted to stop at 5km.  

I have every intention of walking on Sunday but it has taken two days to settle.  With both Shane and I having terrible backs we have turned to our new bed.  Its only 15 months old but it had two big sags either side so it makes it impossible to roll over with out lifting yourself up to do so.  So I have made a complaint with the manufacturer and am awaiting their response.  Our 20 year old bed never sagged ever.  The pillow top was just a plush as the day it was brought.  But this bed has serious sag..... a 6 cm dip.  So fingers crossed we get a new bed.............and SOON.

Tues - I decided to try the track.  I wanted to do 400's tonight.  I chased the kiddies around tonight and was so excited when Millie beat me on her last 400m....she is going to be a speedy one.  Mine were what I expected them to be.  Not very fast at all.  I dont think I have a fast twitch any where in my body.

2:09      2:10    2:09    2:05     2:06  and 2:07

Avg heart rate about 145  so again its showing either I have some fitness or I am not trying hard enough...but I was pushing 95% and just getting nothing out of my body.

track data

Sunday, July 20, 2014

10km easy on broadbeach

I have decided to take it easy on myself for the next couple of weeks.  Two big races back to back when I have not trained for them has really taken its toll.  I feel exhausted all the time.

I went out on Thursday and did a gentle 8km with Paul and Deb.  Love these walks but gosh I was sore the next day.  So I decided then that I was not going to race this Sunday but instead do my own training so that I can take it easy.

Shane headed out for a ride on his bike and I headed out for a 10km.  Beautiful day out and I loved ticking along with my music.  Again I found that I just had no up and go.  I feel very flat and possibly still recovering?   Nothing hurt which is good.  Hip flexor has healed well and gave me no problems today.  So body wish it was a great walk....just time was off.  But thats ok, it can be when its just training.

10km in 1.04.50 - avg pace of 6.29

Now to work my self out a program and start getting back into it again.

10 km broadbeach

20km QA State Road Champs

I was pretty apprehensive about doing this.  I kinda figured that as I had done the GC Half the weekend before and took it nice and easy....that surely I could manage a slow 20km.  Even if I just did it at training pace.  I worked out that I should be able to do about a 2:10 or under.  Even with the minimal training I still feel I have some base fitness that will see me through.   I was also asked to pick up another walker and bring him with me so that pretty much sealed the deal that I was going.

This course is normally a 2km loop.  Set out in a big U shape.  The start is in the centre of the U and its 500m out and 500m back on each side.  At the curves of the U is a rise that would be about 4m in height but over a 15 m its not tooo god awful.  Still I was facing doing this 20 x

When we arrived we had cut it a touch fine and had about 25 mins to warm up and get organised.  It was about 5mins to the start that I found out that Dave had changed the course.  He had decided to shorten it.  Making it a 1km loop....still in the U shape but the long legs had been cut back so you basically start - go down the rise turn go back up the rise....go across the rise turn and go back up the rise to finish your first lap.  WHAT THE HELL!!!  this meant 40 x over the rises...shit my hamstring is going to hate me!!  Infact had I known he would do that I wouldnt have come to the race.  There was only 3 women doing the 20km so this changed effected us the most.  I pretty much knew then it would be a slow race so 2:10 would be it if I was lucky.

We started out and before the first km was done I encountered a problem.  I had forgotten to take my watch off auto lap (normally on this course it works perfect to the measurements)  But my watch beeped off its frist km about 100m before the line?  Hmmm thats odd I pondered but I carried on..... and each km it kept chiming off further and further away from the start/finish..  Then there was the ACUTAL time....2km in 13:25  NO WAY!!!  I went through 10km on my watch 1.01.37 but the offical time was 1:07:15???  My body had held together really well and I was really surprised that I had no major aches.....  Some chaffing on my legs due to a touch of extra weight....sigh... and my right hip flexor.  I was keeping my pace pretty steady until around the 12km mark and then I just died.  Fatigue set in and mentally I was struggling to keep walking.  My times kept getting slower and slower and the more I tried to work out my laps the worse it became.   I lost track of how many laps I had done as my watch was so out of sync.  My watch chimed off 20km 2:10:29 ... so I called out many more laps.... 2 they said.............. I did a really fast calculation in my head and though hang on.  Thats a 1:15 for 10km ...are you kidding me!!!!  As I turned for my last lap I looked at the dq board and was just guttered to see TWO red cards up.   Oh NO.......not now, dont get DQ'd in the last lap, I couldnt bare it.   I was doing everything I could to keep in form by my legs were just not responding any more.  It was really a death march for that last 800m.  the juniors all cheered for us and even ran beside me to keep me going.  I finished in 2:22:12.................I wanted to cry.  I dont want this time to be recorded....something has to be wrong.

Another girl who had a GPS watch that walked the 10km came and asked me if my watch was gps and asked what I measured the walk at.  I looked at saw it said 21.71km  her's showed 10.9km  So next thing they bring out the wheel and remeasure as everyone is unhappy with their times and at first they blamed the hills.  Turned out the course was measured long...... by just over 90m ARRRRRHHHHHH  so us 20km walkers had all walked 1.8km more than we should have.

20 km data

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gold Coast Half Marathon and 8km tonight

Having a close mate come to stay was just wonderful.  We had already made the Gold Coast Half Marathon the main focus of the stay.  The rest of the holiday was laying about and relaxing!

The half was done nice and slowly with great care.  Neither of us were in any huge hurry and both wanted to be able to function the next few days.  Raylene did end up with a very sory calf and some rather nasty chaffing and I had my usually aches and pains.  But surprisingly we both pulled up very well.

We went along on the Tuesday night to a coaching clinic being held by Dave Smith and it was fantastic!  I really do hope he will come back out again, so much knowledge and laughs too.

Tonight I joined Paul, Debbie and Kay for our usual 8km along the walkway.  It was a bit cold and windy tonight...brrrrrr ... yes I know...big soook!  Really enjoyed our walk tonight - I love how supportive our group is.

Roll on Sunday :)

Gold Coast Half Marathon data

8km data