Tuesday, July 29, 2014

track session and club walk

On Saturday our club hosted our first ever walk on the coast.  So to support the club I have happy to come along and do a 10km.  But with the hassels I have been having, I knew on the day I would struggle to do 10km.    It was a good turn out and the course was ok.  3 tight turns but over all nice surface, but the tight turns and my tight back just said NOPE ... so I opted to stop at 5km.  

I have every intention of walking on Sunday but it has taken two days to settle.  With both Shane and I having terrible backs we have turned to our new bed.  Its only 15 months old but it had two big sags either side so it makes it impossible to roll over with out lifting yourself up to do so.  So I have made a complaint with the manufacturer and am awaiting their response.  Our 20 year old bed never sagged ever.  The pillow top was just a plush as the day it was brought.  But this bed has serious sag..... a 6 cm dip.  So fingers crossed we get a new bed.............and SOON.

Tues - I decided to try the track.  I wanted to do 400's tonight.  I chased the kiddies around tonight and was so excited when Millie beat me on her last 400m....she is going to be a speedy one.  Mine were what I expected them to be.  Not very fast at all.  I dont think I have a fast twitch any where in my body.

2:09      2:10    2:09    2:05     2:06  and 2:07

Avg heart rate about 145  so again its showing either I have some fitness or I am not trying hard enough...but I was pushing 95% and just getting nothing out of my body.

track data

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