Sunday, July 20, 2014

10km easy on broadbeach

I have decided to take it easy on myself for the next couple of weeks.  Two big races back to back when I have not trained for them has really taken its toll.  I feel exhausted all the time.

I went out on Thursday and did a gentle 8km with Paul and Deb.  Love these walks but gosh I was sore the next day.  So I decided then that I was not going to race this Sunday but instead do my own training so that I can take it easy.

Shane headed out for a ride on his bike and I headed out for a 10km.  Beautiful day out and I loved ticking along with my music.  Again I found that I just had no up and go.  I feel very flat and possibly still recovering?   Nothing hurt which is good.  Hip flexor has healed well and gave me no problems today.  So body wish it was a great walk....just time was off.  But thats ok, it can be when its just training.

10km in 1.04.50 - avg pace of 6.29

Now to work my self out a program and start getting back into it again.

10 km broadbeach

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