Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gold Coast Half Marathon and 8km tonight

Having a close mate come to stay was just wonderful.  We had already made the Gold Coast Half Marathon the main focus of the stay.  The rest of the holiday was laying about and relaxing!

The half was done nice and slowly with great care.  Neither of us were in any huge hurry and both wanted to be able to function the next few days.  Raylene did end up with a very sory calf and some rather nasty chaffing and I had my usually aches and pains.  But surprisingly we both pulled up very well.

We went along on the Tuesday night to a coaching clinic being held by Dave Smith and it was fantastic!  I really do hope he will come back out again, so much knowledge and laughs too.

Tonight I joined Paul, Debbie and Kay for our usual 8km along the walkway.  It was a bit cold and windy tonight...brrrrrr ... yes I know...big soook!  Really enjoyed our walk tonight - I love how supportive our group is.

Roll on Sunday :)

Gold Coast Half Marathon data

8km data

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