Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Taking a Break Sucks!!!!

Hi there,  I am back.  Not that anyone missed me.

Well alot has happened in the last couple of weeks.  I raced in the masters 5km and 10km race.  We had to make up a new course due to safety issues on the road and this meant using the rise in the foot path.  Not a good mix for me and by 2km I had done my back and felt like I stretched my hamstring tendon.  But stupid me kept walking..........5km and I kept going as all I could see was the championship!  Well I know better.

This has forced me to take a week off.  I had to go to the dr to get the results of my tests and biopsy's and that was a bit up setting for me.  After taking god awful pills for the last week, I can only hope that tomorrow I will give a clear test and wont need to take them any more.  The effects of these pills left me unable to walk so it was well timed.

I dont do rest well............ I get antzy and moody.

My good friend arrives next tuesday and then we have a half marathon to walk............I can barely walk 2km.  EEEEKKKKKK  to say I am worried is an understatement.

Tonight I decided to go to the track.  I had to know if I can still walk.  I joined in with robyn and her walkers..... they were doing 2km, 400m, 2km and 400m.  

After my first two km I was not doing the 400m and I pretty much limped off the track, so angry and annoyed.  My back was KILLING me.  I wore my SI Belt and it had NO effect.  If anything it made it hard to walk.  I was stiff and slow and hurting.   My 2km was 11:55 ... ugh Paul beat me by doing a 11:19

I thought...give it one more go and after chatting to Robyn I headed back out...minus the belt and focused on relaxing.  In the first 100m I felt like a different walker....I was smooth and for the first time in ages I felt that my hips were moving.....by 400m I had caught and passed Paul and just kept pulling away.  Finishing this 2km in 11:21   ... YUS!! thats more like it.  I decided not to push on the 400m and just cruised for 1:15min.

I am a little sore and stiff now but Ice will help.

1st 2km
2nd 2km

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