Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My Week - so far

I am officially coachless.  I will be training myself from here in.  I think I have learned enough to get it right.

Sunday, I started the 30 day challenges with Shane.   25 squats, 20 sec Wall Squat etc etc .... Sunday my back was killing me so ended up just doing 5km on the treadmill.  But that night my legs were really hurting.  my adductors were so tight and sore I was struggling just standing up right.

Monday -  Got my self into the chiro and was told that my arch on my right foot had collapsed causing my SI Joint to lock tight and stay tight.  It took 2 goes to get it to crack and free up.....BOY did it crack.  OUCH.  So I really must address getting proper orthotics and soon.

I heard back from Garmin about my watch.  They had found a fault and were going to send me back a new replacement of the same.  So I called them and blow me down with a feather!!! they are happy to up grade me to the 620 at NO extra cost.  Whoop Whoop.

Tuesday,  My legs were still hurting and while I went to the track, after two laps I knew I couldnt do any sort of workout.  Robyn had 5 of her juniors walking tonight and they were to do 500m's.  We swapped that to 400m and I walked with them and helped them with arm technique.  They are such a great bunch of kids, so enthusiastic and GREAT walkers.  A lot of potential tallent coming through here.

We all did 6 x 400m most around the 2:46 per lap.  My legs are still sore but not as bad.  Hope to do 8km on Thursday.

one of our 400ms

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