Thursday, May 29, 2014

8km - blasted SI joint and stupid Garmin

today I sent my Garmin 610 back - I can only hope they let me upgrade but I fear they will send me a new 610 or worse......just refurbish my old one and send it back.  

So for today's walk I fired up my old Garmin 305.  It felt like wearing a brick on my arm.  I had forgot how big it was.  But for how the walk went - I shouldn't have bothered.

I was walking by myself tonight so I thought I might go a bit quicker and get a good fast 8km out......errrmmm I think my body didnt get that memo!  From the start of the walk I could hardly get my right leg out in front of me due to pain and stiffness in my right SI joint (well kinda between the joint and my spin)  It took about a km to setttle and allow me to stretch out a little.  But with it hurting I was unable to drop my hip and get the hips moving forward. .....  instant brakes basically.

I cant remember how I have this older watch set up and so my pace just didnt seem right.  I really felt like I was walking at 6:10 pace..... so my first km chirped at 6:38 ................WHAT THE HELL????

So I tried harder and felt that I had gotten faster...........but I just didn't, couldn't, it hurt and I had nothing...ZIP NADA!!!!  grrrrrrr

But it was nice to come home and have shane surprise me by taking me out to the opening of Malificent.... that made my day.

so 8km in 52.37

8km data here

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