Tuesday, May 20, 2014

6 x 500m repeats

Over the last couple of days I have been doing some glute stretches to try to get some movement into my hips.  

Today I have eaten soley gluten free foods but for some reason about 20mins after eating my lunch my stomach started to REALLY hurt.  From that point it just continued to hurt all the way through my whole tummy.  When I got to the track I was bloated and very sore.   

I warmed up for one lap only which I know is not enough.  But I was planning on doing a gentle 2km and then some 500 m speeds ..... Everyone at the track was doing 500m only.....so I thought I would jump in with them.  

I figured so long as I dont push 100% and control my speed I would be ok and I had already decided I would walk within my pain barriers.   The first 500m I was stiff and tight and just felt really OFF.  I was trying to hard to do all the "right" things...tuck this, plant foot here, push this - and all the walk my hip hurt. 

So as we walked down to start our next 500m I decided that I would just WALK.....walk the way my body wants to do.  If it means I am not as tucked or my feet cross again so be it.   The next 500m I felt GREAT....I was smooth and strong and faster.  Everyone commented on how different I looked.  Still no hip moving but my arms were down, my stride had lengthened and I just looked more relaxed and still only at about 80% effort. 

I continued doing this for the rest of our 500's and felt strong the whole time.  Only once did my hip twinge me.  It was so nice to just relax and not worry about my time, my style or anything.

My 500's are here
and my MAX heart rate was only 167 - I am really pleased.

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