Thursday, May 01, 2014

8km Treadmill with 3 x 500m bursts at 6min pace

Track ended up being cancelled and so I thought I could walk with Paul along the walkway, but he was feeling the effects of walking last night.  By the time I finished up with work I was running late so my option was treadmill.  Its raining and not the best mix for the walk way on my own.

My hip and back had been aching during the day and I was not sure how I would go.   My bigger problem was to be my stomach.  As I have to eat my old diet so that I react to Gluten ... I am reacting!  Today a Pasta Cuppa Soup nearly brought me to my knees.

I got home and quickly changed.....lucky for me the treadmil was free tonight.  I mucked up the first km as I forgot that my foot pod is not sync with my watch I pushed lap at 1.08

I did my 500m bursts at 6:00min pace at 2.5km, 4.5 km and 6.5 km.

My hip and back actually felt ok though the walk...but my stomach was not.  Half way through I was in pain...I really started thinking I would stop.....I really didnt want to when my body was feeling ok.

I did make it though to the 8km and my time was 50:07


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