Thursday, May 31, 2012

6km emerald lake

Got up early this morning and headed down to Emerald Lakes.  Its a nice flat, paved area that I can walk with out too many hassels......a couple of rises but nothing major.

Today shane came with me and so I told him to turn back when the path ends at 2km and that I will walk around til I hit 2.5km.  I will turn back go past him and then once I reach the car turn back to met up with him again.  I was hoping to do 6km.

We started out (the photo is off the start point)  and just then a shower of rain came over.  I was not too was about 15degs at 7am....NICE!!!  by the first km I was feeling so sluggish....I was slow and heavy and not enjoying the walk at all.  BUT nothing was hurting so thats a good thing.  I was also testing out some new shoes.  We had found some Saucony shoes that I just LOVE for $80 at Harbour Town - they are black!

On my way back I was feeling more in style and more fluid.  Still very unfit and did wonder how I will go with the 5km this weekend.  But time will tell.

time was 36:37 for 6km

6km emerald lake

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Nyle - by Nellie H Moss

While tiding up all my important papers I stumbled upon a folded up piece of old typewriter paper....its tissue thin and very fragile.  I carefully unfold it and am amazed to find its my Grandmothers poem that she wrote about me when I was about 11years old.  My Grandmother has always written poetry and has even had many published.  As I read through this poem it strikes me that she has almost written out my future.  So I thought I would share it with you all.

Sweet Nyle
By Nellie H Moss

Nyle is a tall, young girl, who lives by the beach
She learns oh so quickly, if someone will teach
How to make little things from wool or from string
Flowers or from driftwood, just about any old thing

She was my first grandchild, and my love she has won
Her mind is as bright as the noon day sun
Of all of our family she is the only one
Who collects seas shells, just for the fun
There on show, on a shelf, at the head of the stair
Everyone admires them, whenever they go there

Nyle will collect a piece of fancy drift wood
A few dried up seed heads, that don’t look much good
Then she will turn them into a real work of art
Don’t lose your laughter dear little sweetheart
For the lord sets some folks a difficult part
To work out while living, a role set apart

Just be your self dear, you’re growing so fast
You’ll soon be a teenager, my! how the time’s passed
You’ve such a gentle, kind, loving, wee heart
Dont alter young lady, you’ll soon win some lad’s heart
Just set your sights on a really bright star
Then before you know it, why there you are

I hope that I’m still around when you become a bride
Now wont that be something, there by Dad’s side
None of us know just what the future will hold
But we wish you well and a future that is gold

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

8km treadmill

I had to drop off my car as the window was not working.  Then I had a hair appointment to get to.  I ended up walking out of the hair dress's not overly happy but will reserve judgement until I have washed it myself.

I knew I had to walk today but as it got later and darker my only option was the gym and use a treadmill.  I was very lucky that the gym let me in for free :)

I jumped on and started out at 10km/hr but after one km my left glute started to hurt so I slowed it down to 9km/hr for a couple more km.  Once I warmed up I went back up to 9.5km/hr and stayed at that for most of the walk.

I found I was not that comfortable on the treadmil and struggled to get into a good rhythm.  I ended up making the last km a slow cool down walk at 7.5km/hr

so total time was 51.03 for 8 km

8km treadmill 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

NZ Masters Athlete of the Year - WALK

Before they started the prize giving for the Shoe Clinic Nelson Half Marathon, they had decided to present myself, Neroli and wendy our 10,000m awards from the South Island Masters Games.  As our NZ Masters Age Grade records have been acknowledged they wanted to present us with our special medals.

And I was really happy with getting awarded the above....but what came next was the shocker of the day.

As I was about to leave and go back to sit down Derek says to me to stay and then pulls out another plaque and goes on to tell the crowd about my World success as a Master and then presented me with the NZ Masters Athlete of the Year - Walk and along with that was a little badge attached to it.  I picked up the bag and saw that I had just earned my Masters Colours and was totally "Gob Smacked"

the look of shock!

Plus a beautiful plaque - name needs correcting but hey...I am still so thrilled.

I had to check on the NZ Masters site to read how you gain your colours and here is what is written

 "These are an NZMA badge awarded to athletes who achieve a 95% performance in
individual events, obtain a World Title, or World Record. They are a very prestigious award."

Shoe Clinic Nelson Quarter Marathon

It is a picture perfect day!  NO wind, NO clouds....just SUN SUN SUN.  It was a cool morning about 8 degs but got up to 11deg by the start of the race.  I had decided I would keep my long sleeve skins top on as I just don't like cool or cold!!

After meeting up with the Warrior Princess's (Andrea, Raylene, Sharon and Maree)  we all set out and warmed up...going through our drills and nervously chatting.  Start time came around pretty quickly and we headed off to the start line.  It was a new course this year.....using 80% of the old course but this time we finish at the track.

Ready, set ..... GO baby GO!!!

and we are off......I quickly settled in to my pace and was happy enough ticking along.  I knew Ross wouldn't be too far behind me but as long as he was behind and not beside me at this was all good.  As I rounded the path around the park (about 500m) I was shocked to see one of the walkers ahead of me RUNNING!  Now I am not normally vocal about these things but I just saw red and as we went across a little over pass - she was below me - I leaned over and pointed at her and yelled "YOU are running!" and then went into hot pursuit.  It took me a further 400m to catch her where she had stopped blatantly running but she was still creeping flat out!  As I passed her I said.....really sorry but you were running, you are better which she retorted and stated she was NOT running and after this I didnt see her again until she jogged/walked into the finish.

I pushed along the Monaco training ground!  but this part of the track is lumpy and hard to get a settled pace on it.  I was very surprised when I rounded a corner to see two male racewalkers going head to head in front of me and I quickly realised who they were and that they were on their 2nd lap for the Half Marathon.  I passed them and heard them pick up and chase after me.

5km and we turn up on to the railway reserve.  Now it might only be a 12m rise over 2km but so feel it.  My pace slows along here and I can feel it and see it on my watch.  But my fitness is letting me down and I know its too soon to pick up yet.  At 8km I decide that now is the time to try and pick up a little. My right hip flexor had been hurting for the last couple of km but I push past that.  As we come in under the under pass and up on to the walk way around the park...I feel as if I have mud on my feet.  I slow down so much for the next 500m and I know it has cost me but I just have nothing left.

I hit the 10km mark in 58.02 not bad for someone who has only been doing 5km walks lol  ... now just 550m to go....hmmm definitely not going to make the sub hour.

So I blast onto the track and muster up my last ounce of energy and slam it to the finish line.

Winner of the Quarter Marathon Walk in 1:01:18

Shoe Clinic Nelson Quarter Marathon

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

6km out and back atawahi

I was not feeling it today.  Even though it was sunny I still felt really cold (stop chuckling Tammy! lol ) it was 14 degs but there was a chill in the air and I am a sook when it comes to cold.  I have not been able to get warm all day.

I headed out along Atawhai as this would give me the best indication of how I will go on Sunday.  The first km felt like I was walking in sticky mud....I felt really stiff and clunky.  I got out to the 3km mark and turned back.  I was just starting to feel sharp pains in my left glute and I tried hard to engage my glute meds but the pain stayed. It didnt get worse so I kept walking.    I was not pushing hard today and I did find that my breathing was better.

I was pleased to finish the 6km and I found that once I finished my glutes hurt more while just walking back to the car.

total time for 6km 34:45 avg heart rate 154

Doesnt bode well for a fast race on Sunday, but it will be nice to just be out with mates.

6km out and back atawahi