Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Nyle - by Nellie H Moss

While tiding up all my important papers I stumbled upon a folded up piece of old typewriter paper....its tissue thin and very fragile.  I carefully unfold it and am amazed to find its my Grandmothers poem that she wrote about me when I was about 11years old.  My Grandmother has always written poetry and has even had many published.  As I read through this poem it strikes me that she has almost written out my future.  So I thought I would share it with you all.

Sweet Nyle
By Nellie H Moss

Nyle is a tall, young girl, who lives by the beach
She learns oh so quickly, if someone will teach
How to make little things from wool or from string
Flowers or from driftwood, just about any old thing

She was my first grandchild, and my love she has won
Her mind is as bright as the noon day sun
Of all of our family she is the only one
Who collects seas shells, just for the fun
There on show, on a shelf, at the head of the stair
Everyone admires them, whenever they go there

Nyle will collect a piece of fancy drift wood
A few dried up seed heads, that don’t look much good
Then she will turn them into a real work of art
Don’t lose your laughter dear little sweetheart
For the lord sets some folks a difficult part
To work out while living, a role set apart

Just be your self dear, you’re growing so fast
You’ll soon be a teenager, my! how the time’s passed
You’ve such a gentle, kind, loving, wee heart
Dont alter young lady, you’ll soon win some lad’s heart
Just set your sights on a really bright star
Then before you know it, why there you are

I hope that I’m still around when you become a bride
Now wont that be something, there by Dad’s side
None of us know just what the future will hold
But we wish you well and a future that is gold

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