Wednesday, May 09, 2012

8km treadmill

I had to drop off my car as the window was not working.  Then I had a hair appointment to get to.  I ended up walking out of the hair dress's not overly happy but will reserve judgement until I have washed it myself.

I knew I had to walk today but as it got later and darker my only option was the gym and use a treadmill.  I was very lucky that the gym let me in for free :)

I jumped on and started out at 10km/hr but after one km my left glute started to hurt so I slowed it down to 9km/hr for a couple more km.  Once I warmed up I went back up to 9.5km/hr and stayed at that for most of the walk.

I found I was not that comfortable on the treadmil and struggled to get into a good rhythm.  I ended up making the last km a slow cool down walk at 7.5km/hr

so total time was 51.03 for 8 km

8km treadmill 

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