Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3km fartlek along the walkway

Got up with Shane bright and early............yawn!!!

We headed down to the walkway and I said that I would probably do 5km and so would met him back at the start point.  I headed off and at first felt a tad stiff from the 15km but soon warmed up.  As I came up to the first 1km marker I did what females do best......and changed my mind!!!

I stopped my watch (1.39 km is a good enough warm up)  and reset my watch.  From this point I could easily do my 3km fartlek and still met back with Shane.  I changed my auto lap to .500m and hit go.

1st km - I really didnt fire well.....My breathing was pretty heavy this time round but the legs were pushing through under me and I can feel my hips snapping back a lot quicker now.  2:30:6  + 2:44:6 = 5:15:2

2nd km - I was feeling pretty shattered and took it easy on the recovery - then tried to push up for the fast 500m but there was little in the legs for this one 2:58:3 +2:50:6 = 5:48:9

3rd km - I wanted to finish on the good note, I was not expecting to be too quick as its been a wee while since I have done any form of speed.  My legs were pretty tired now 3:04:3 + 2:41:6 = 5:45:6

Total time was 16:52 with avg heart rate of 163

3 km data

Sunday, September 22, 2013

15km around Emerald Lakes

Shane suggested I walk around Emerald Lakes and that he would also come and walk too.  I know that it is 4km so I figured 3 loops and a bit.

We started out and we figured I would catch and pass Shane around the 5km mark.  The first loop went well.....after climbing up the steep rise around the 3.5km mark I figured that was not much fun and so next time round I opted to go around the rise as I saw that the gate was open.  I did catch shane around the 5km mark.  It was here he took some video of me.  I stopped briefly to chat with shane who was walking back towards me......turns out he went a different way so there was no chance of me passing him..... but he did give me an alternate route which worked out much better.  So I did the outta ring twice and the inner ring once.  As I crossed the bridge Shane got out and took some video of my finish.

I really enjoyed walking around the Lakes and might make it my regular walk on the weekends.  Its nice and smooth and there is hardly anyone on it.  LOVE that fact.

Total time for my 15km was 1:32:39 for an avg of 6:10 and avg heartrate of 154

15km at Emerald Lakes

Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 x 400m speed work

I decided to try and make it to the grass track to train with the others.  It takes 30mins to drive from my work to it and it didnt help that there was an accident along the way.  So it took 35mins today.   I got there just after 5.30pm and by 6pm it was too dark to use the track (the dont have lights)

So in the short time I had there, I decided to just do as many 400m as I could in the short time frame.  Plus with my stomach playing up all day so I was unsure how long I would last.

This was my first speed session so I was going to be happy with what ever came out ... plus it was on a grass track that was pretty well looked after.....the last 200m were a little choppy.

1st 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 142
2nd 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 141
3rd 400 = 2:05 avg heart rate 148
4th 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 149

I was totally happy with this.

1st 400

Happy Birthday Teagan

My oldest daughter turns 27 today....wow where has the time gone.  

Teagan at 6 months - she was my whole world

Now a mother of 3 herself 

I hope she has a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6 km along the walkway

Shane decided he wanted to come for a walk this morning, so we set the alarm for 5:40am ....geeep!!!!  He was to walk for 20mins and turn back and I was doing my 6km....so the hope was for us to both end up finishing at the same time.

We got down to the start of the walkway and the sun had just come up.....it was a wonderful sunrise this morning - a huge deep golden globe and the sea was pretty calm too.  Just picture perfect.  

My SI joint was a little sore this morning but other than that I was feeling great.....I stepped into a nice easy pace and just tried to stay at that effort for the whole walk.

When I finished I couldnt see Shane anywhere and figured that he must have headed back for home.....as I crossed the road I looked up ahead and saw him just rounding the corner to home so I ran to catch him up.  It was really lovely having him back out walking again and I hope he continues.

Total time for 6km was 36:10 avg pace 6:02 and avg htr 147   ... very happy with that.

6km data

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3.2 miles on the treadmill

I was naughty today.....lazy naughty....... It was meant to be an early storm and raining so I didnt set my alarm for my early training time.........the extra sleep was sooo good, but the blue sky made me feel guilty for it.

So I made a pact with myself that if I didnt train I would do the treadmill when I got home.  So I headed down at 6pm to the treadmill.  There was a guy who just got off it and we chatted briefly...he had a very strong french accent and was very charming.  So my first and only lesson of the night....Rule No 132 ALWAYS check your treadmill settings before committing to the walk.

I started out pressed my watch and started going up in the speed...I got to 6 and thought wow, I am starting to find this a bit to fast but I normally have it on 10?? so I stopped at 6.2 and settled in for a few mins ... after about 5mins my watch chirps that I have done a km...........but the treadmill says 600m??? What on earth was going on.........then I twigged..... it was set to imperal!!!!! bugger it was in miles and my watch was using the foot pod that I have not yet calibrated.  OH JOY.

So after 20 mins I press the pace up to 6.4 and left it on that.  I stopped at 30mins - have to as treadmill goes into auto cool down then.  So I took note of my distance.

I had walk 3.2 miles in 30mins - I think that equals 5.149 km and that means I was walking 5:50 pace.

VERY happy with that

3.2 miles data

Sunday, September 15, 2013

15km......was a tough one but its done

I slept in a little this morning as I didnt have a very good sleep last night.  So by the time I had organised myself and filled up water bottles etc it was about 9.30am.  I decided at the last minute to head the other direction and walk down to Burliegh - mainly due to how many people would be out on the walk ways I figured the other direction would have more people.

I had already decided to take it easy on this walk ... it will be my longest walk in many months an there is no point busting my gutt over a training walk.  After burlesque on Friday night my glutes were pretty sore (which is a good thing) ... so walking today I could sure feel them and my right hip was niggling a bit on an off.

I felt ok during this walk.  I did start getting tired around the 9km mark and was getting rather annoyed at ignorant people who just walk in front of you or stop directly in front of you or cars that dont give way and nearly run you over!!

It was also getting hotter and hotter but I did carry my water bottles and I was drinking from them.  I even stopped at the 7.5km mark to stretch and full my bottle back up.  I stopped again briefly 12km because my hip was starting to tighten up on me.  All in all though it was an ok walk....in hind site I probably should have done just a 12km .... and gone up to 15km in a few more weeks.

Total time was 1:35:22 for avg pace of 6:22 - avg heart rate 153

15km data

Thursday, September 12, 2013

8km up hedges ave

I got up today and headed out to do 8km.  I am still testing out the short shorts.....today they seemed much better.

I felt good and was happy with my pace that I had picked.  I was not pushing hard but still seemed to be around the 6min / km pace.  Either this watch measures short or my old watch measured long....but I seem to be much faster with less effort.

I am finding that more and more people recognise me now and it is really nice to get the nods from people and the hellos that are called out.  I was not breathing hard and am finally feeling that I am back to my fitness I had before leaving NZ.  Now to build on that.  Its a bit hard with the hours I work as I really dont like getting up so early but that is a small thing to be whingy about.

Todays walk was 8km in 48:06 with an avg heart rate of 148

8km walk

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5km quick zip along walkway

I am still buzzing after the Qld Club BBQ and Relay day.  On Sunday Robyn and I drove in to Kallinga Park and joined everyone for the Relay and BBQ.  In the relay each of the 4 member team walked 1 km each.  I went all out (its hard to start your watch and tag someone at the same time so I was a few seconds wrong when starting and finishing my watch)  I felt really good today, no aches or pains and I felt like I had really good form and I just FLEW.....by my watch I had done that km in 5:15 and I was totally over the moon and even rang Jim to brag......but the crazy part is...... the club were timing everyone and they have me at 4:55!!!!  I even questioned this and so they got the other 3 memebers of my team over and checked everyones watches to the times they had and it all worked out.  So officially my km was 4:55 ... totally crazy stuff.

Today I decided to try my new short shorts again.  This time I pulled the legs up instead of down and it worked much better.  No seam to rub against .... I did use vaseline to help with the leg rub on leg rub...but this wore off pretty quickly and while I didnt get any chaffing it was feeling uncomfortable so I decided to stay with the shorter walk today of 5km.  Will have to use Glide or find another product if I want to use these shorts for longer walks.  I want to use shorter shorts as I really need to do something about this tan line of mine.  LOL  I have a very distinctive tan line from wearing the skin shorts that go to mid thigh.  Time to bring the line up a little.  

Todays walk was good, while I was a little tired and again got a little light headed I still felt good.

Time was 30:21 avg pace of 6:04 and avg heartrate of 140........... perfect!!!!

5km data

Saturday, September 07, 2013

12km along surfers paradise to the spit

I didnt want to get up this morning....let alone go for a walk!  I even texted my coach and whinged to him about not being in the mood for it.  My legs were so so sore from the class last night....we did lots of body squats and my legs just arent used to that.  Plus climbing the poles etc it was a darn good leg work out but not the most ideal when you have a long walk to do the next day.

Any how.....I sucked it up and put my 'big girl panties' on and got out there.  It was a gorgeous day and once I started I was questioning myself for why I didnt want to go.

It was pretty busy on the street leading up to the Surfers Paradise beach front so it was slow picking getting past them but once I got on to the wide walkway it was smooth going and I made it all the way to the paths end to reach my 6km.  I turned and started back.  I was starting to tire abit now as it was warming up and I was finding I was very thirsty.  I stopped twice for a drink but I must admit this was not enough and in the last two km I was feeling like I was walking out of my body and was very light headed.  So I have spoken to my coach and resolved that I will carry my water belt in future.

I was really pleased to finish my walk today and find that I had kept to a pretty steady pace and actually finished in a respectable time.  My heart rate remained fairly low too so that is showing me that my fitness is starting to come back.

Head ache did go during the walk but its back with vengeance now....definitely water related I am sure.

total time was 1:14:15 for an avg pace of 6:11per km and avg heartrate of 148
12 data here

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

8km that become 5km .....grrrr

Well my tummy has decided to go out in protest.  Not quite sure what it is protesting about....but it sure gets heard!!!!

Within 30mins of eating dinner last night - BANG!!! in come the cramps and spasms.  Not much can be done other than the lady like lean to the left to try and release some trapped air......but that is only short term relief.   When I woke this morning I was still feeling tender but I thought I would be ok and I really wanted to get my 8km done and dusted.

I started out and was enjoying ticking along.  I found that 6:10 per km was a perfect pace and was feeling easy today.  The walkway is 2km long and I start my walking about 400m before it so when I get to the end of the walk way I can either carry on up the road for 100m and turn to make it 5km in total or I can turn back at the end and just to the 2km loops and make it any distance I want.  By the time I got to the end of the walkway there was only one option for me.  Do 5km if I can.  My stomach was in knots!

I turned and had to work hard to keep my pace around the 6:10 mark......cramps/spasms were every 3 - 4 mins so it was not a pleasant walk back.

I am thinking I might go back onto the liquid and soft foods diet.  Soups and mashed stuff....boring but it did help.  Eating salads seems to be too much fibre and really sets me going.

total time for today was 30:40  avg hr 145 so am I getting fitter ... Yay

5km data

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

6km along the walkway

My stomach flared up last night and I was not sure if I could walk in the morning.  But it seemed to have settled when I woke up.  I was planning on doing 8km.

I headed out and started walking once I reached the foot path near home.   I was enjoying an easy pace and just settled into it nicely.  I was not struggling or pushing hard and enjoyed the nods and greetings from the regulars along the way.  As I got to the 3km mark I felt that familiar stabbing pain in my lower stomach and instantly knew it was going to get ugly and fast.  So I turned and headed back.

Along the way back my pain levels were up and down and I was struggling to keep form and just turn my legs over.  I managed to pick up the pace mainly due to wanting to get it over with as fast as I can.  As I rounded the bend to where I started my watch chirped about 20m short again........grrrrr and I thought my time looked a bit quick.  But it did bring me back the 3km so I checked the lap splits out and thought the last lap was really really off.  5:37 for 1 km in the condition I was in ...this was a joke.  I zoomed in on the map once I uploaded the data and you can clearly see that it looks like I shot off to the beach at 32kph?????  holy cow..................... no wonder my time was so gammy.

I dont quite beleive that I did 6km in 36:23 ..... perhaps closer to 37:00  but even so ... for the pain I was in....I am happy to take any time.

6km data

Sunday, September 01, 2013

A weeks worth of training

As you all know I am slowly recovering from very low B12 and my energy levels wane dramatically.  So I tend to just walk as far as I feel I can each time I go out.  So its usually nothing startling to post about.  I am trying hard to train more often but I just find if I do back to back walks it wipes me out.  I try to walk at least 4 times a week......sort of every other day.  This week I am going to try to walk back to back twice in a row.  Will see how that goes.

Any how, this week I have gotten up early morning and done the following:-

Monday = 4km - A very easy 4km with Shane
Tuesday = 6km in 36:44 this is an avg pace of 6:07
Weds = 8km in 50:03 this is an avg pace of 6:15
Thurs - REST
Friday / Saturday - Shane and I walked around the Zoo and Aquarium.  I decided against training as my ankle was hurting and felt rather stiff.  We had a birthday party that we traveled back into Brisbane for on the Saturday and we stayed the night nearby.

Sunday (Today) I was going to do 5km on the treadmill but as I went to go down to the treadmill I decided to head out and zip along the walkway.  My ankle felt ok.....but my shins were hurting a bit today.  All up it was 5km in 30:26 for an avg pace of 6:05

5km data