Saturday, September 07, 2013

12km along surfers paradise to the spit

I didnt want to get up this morning....let alone go for a walk!  I even texted my coach and whinged to him about not being in the mood for it.  My legs were so so sore from the class last night....we did lots of body squats and my legs just arent used to that.  Plus climbing the poles etc it was a darn good leg work out but not the most ideal when you have a long walk to do the next day.

Any how.....I sucked it up and put my 'big girl panties' on and got out there.  It was a gorgeous day and once I started I was questioning myself for why I didnt want to go.

It was pretty busy on the street leading up to the Surfers Paradise beach front so it was slow picking getting past them but once I got on to the wide walkway it was smooth going and I made it all the way to the paths end to reach my 6km.  I turned and started back.  I was starting to tire abit now as it was warming up and I was finding I was very thirsty.  I stopped twice for a drink but I must admit this was not enough and in the last two km I was feeling like I was walking out of my body and was very light headed.  So I have spoken to my coach and resolved that I will carry my water belt in future.

I was really pleased to finish my walk today and find that I had kept to a pretty steady pace and actually finished in a respectable time.  My heart rate remained fairly low too so that is showing me that my fitness is starting to come back.

Head ache did go during the walk but its back with vengeance now....definitely water related I am sure.

total time was 1:14:15 for an avg pace of 6:11per km and avg heartrate of 148
12 data here

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