Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6 km along the walkway

Shane decided he wanted to come for a walk this morning, so we set the alarm for 5:40am ....geeep!!!!  He was to walk for 20mins and turn back and I was doing my the hope was for us to both end up finishing at the same time.

We got down to the start of the walkway and the sun had just come was a wonderful sunrise this morning - a huge deep golden globe and the sea was pretty calm too.  Just picture perfect.  

My SI joint was a little sore this morning but other than that I was feeling great.....I stepped into a nice easy pace and just tried to stay at that effort for the whole walk.

When I finished I couldnt see Shane anywhere and figured that he must have headed back for I crossed the road I looked up ahead and saw him just rounding the corner to home so I ran to catch him up.  It was really lovely having him back out walking again and I hope he continues.

Total time for 6km was 36:10 avg pace 6:02 and avg htr 147   ... very happy with that.

6km data

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