Sunday, September 15, 2013

15km......was a tough one but its done

I slept in a little this morning as I didnt have a very good sleep last night.  So by the time I had organised myself and filled up water bottles etc it was about 9.30am.  I decided at the last minute to head the other direction and walk down to Burliegh - mainly due to how many people would be out on the walk ways I figured the other direction would have more people.

I had already decided to take it easy on this walk ... it will be my longest walk in many months an there is no point busting my gutt over a training walk.  After burlesque on Friday night my glutes were pretty sore (which is a good thing) ... so walking today I could sure feel them and my right hip was niggling a bit on an off.

I felt ok during this walk.  I did start getting tired around the 9km mark and was getting rather annoyed at ignorant people who just walk in front of you or stop directly in front of you or cars that dont give way and nearly run you over!!

It was also getting hotter and hotter but I did carry my water bottles and I was drinking from them.  I even stopped at the 7.5km mark to stretch and full my bottle back up.  I stopped again briefly 12km because my hip was starting to tighten up on me.  All in all though it was an ok hind site I probably should have done just a 12km .... and gone up to 15km in a few more weeks.

Total time was 1:35:22 for avg pace of 6:22 - avg heart rate 153

15km data

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