Thursday, September 12, 2013

8km up hedges ave

I got up today and headed out to do 8km.  I am still testing out the short they seemed much better.

I felt good and was happy with my pace that I had picked.  I was not pushing hard but still seemed to be around the 6min / km pace.  Either this watch measures short or my old watch measured long....but I seem to be much faster with less effort.

I am finding that more and more people recognise me now and it is really nice to get the nods from people and the hellos that are called out.  I was not breathing hard and am finally feeling that I am back to my fitness I had before leaving NZ.  Now to build on that.  Its a bit hard with the hours I work as I really dont like getting up so early but that is a small thing to be whingy about.

Todays walk was 8km in 48:06 with an avg heart rate of 148

8km walk

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