Sunday, April 28, 2013

15km along the walkway on a hot morning.

I opted out of the 10km race today as we didnt get home until 1am from the Bryan Adams concert.  I knew I would not be able to drag myself out of bed at 5.30am.  

My training prog starts today so my option was to do the 15km.  I was really freaked out by this distance.  I used to love the long walks but now....they hurt!  They hurt mentally and physically, I know its only temporary but its hard to push past that.  I look at how fast I used to be and get so cross at myself for letting it go...but I also know that I needed the break as I was really starting to burn out.

Tammy and David were also doing 15km today (in their own corners of the world)  We have all either f/b or voxed each other to boost our confidences.  Each of us struggling with our own minds and bodies.  As I had said to them both....forget the time just get one foot in front of the other and get the distance done.  So I too had to take my own advise.

I started out at 9am (made sure I had a good strong sweet coffee for energy)  I went down the walkway for 2.5km and turned back to do that part again.  I passed Shane and Kelly in this 5km stretch.  Then I turned back and now only had 10km to go.  Now I headed up the walkway and onto the one way road.  I stopped to get water at the last fountain and found it was broken.  Drat NO water!  .... I continued up to the surf club about 800m up the road and spotted a playground over by the beach.  I stopped my watch and went over to  see if there was any I needed that drink.  I was really feeling the effects today and was already light headed and had a horrid feeling across my sinus's.  I continued on up and was still feeling ok.  I was not pushing hard and just turning my legs over.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how good my times were but I was not going to get too excited as I still had that last 5km a head of me.

I turned back up on the next beach but I miscalculated (I can never do math while out brain just goes to mush)  I should have walked another 500 m but never to mind ... it did throw me for while but I figured that I would just have to turn back at the end and make up the extra there.  I did stop at this point for another drink and this time I stepped under the shower.  I was hot .. way too hot.  My watch says it was 24 deg but it was more like 26 - 28 degs.  The water helped lots and I carried on.  My legs were feeling dead now and I was starting to struggle.

So I thought about Tammy and David and figured that if they can be out there doing it so to can I.  I picked up the pace a little.  I was pleased that I had  no major aches or pains for most of the walk.  Lower back started to grumble in the last 3km.   My major discomfort had nothing to do with my body as such.   I was having a wardrobe malfunction and the chaffing was getting sorer and sorer.  I did manage to block that out for most of the walk.  (I sung like a sailor when I got in the shower though)

I made it back to the main beach front and saw that I needed to turn back for 750m .... back I turned.  I was so close to finishing but by now my body was tired.  Tummy was tired and legs were heavy and tired.  I dodged some kiddies zipping about on bikes and guys walking along with surf boards under their arms.  Mothers pushing prams and dog walkers all blocking the path....the sea was flat and wonder it was getting busy.

I was so happy to stop my watch and absolutely thrilled to see the time.  1:32:54

15 data here

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10km including 3 x 3 min racepace

Tonight I decided to head out and get the 10km walk out of the way.  I am fast running out of days to fit it all in.

I started out and for the first 500m I was terribly stiff and be expected after the speed work out last night.  I wasn't sure how the 3 bursts of 3min speed was going to work out.  I attempted it but from my pace you can barely see it.  After 2km I was feeling warmed up and managed to keep up a good pace.

The one way road is not an easy road to walk...has a sharp camber and I have to walk in the one cycle lane that has a large sign that says NO RUNNERS so I get yelled at ALOT  but the foot path is paved and harder to walk on ... so I tend to just suck it up and walk in the cycle lane.  Its up and down for the 3km length and then it breaks out on to another concrete path.

I headed back feeling strong and was enjoying my walk.  It was dark when I got back to my car and I had just missed Shane and Kelly by minutes.  I stopped my watch and was very surprised at my overall time.  I had walked at about 85% and up to 95% during the race pace portion.

Total time for 10km is 1:01 with an avg heart rate of 151 which shows my fitness starting to come back.

Tomorrow I am going to try and do my 14km as it is ANZAC day here so I get a day off work.  I know I will be tired and it will be slow.

10km data

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8km fartlek along the walkway

I was keen to get this one out of the way.  I was pretty hopeful that my calfs wouldn't bother me too much as racewalking uses different muscles.  The walk way is not the best spot for speed work but its all I have got that is measured ... so I should at least start to see improvement eventually.  

I started out and found that I was calfs were fine.  I set my watch to beep every 500m but after I went through my first 500m my watch continued to beep ... constantly and I glanced and saw that it was full and not recording the data.  So when I got to the end of the walk way (2km) I stopped and cleared my watch.  But it didnt start recording properly until after 3km.  I had passed Shane and Kelly as they were heading out for their walk and also saw Kay and Paul.  We had met at the start of the walkway but they were doing 10km and I was doing 8km.

After 4km I found that my hamstring was starting to hurt a little so I stopped and gave my leg a stretch.  I headed back out again and while I felt strong, I kinda felt sluggish too.  So I concentrated hard on tucking my butt and using my glutes to power through.  After a very brief but haste toilet stop I was away again....thank goodness for the great facilities in this area.  I passed Shane and Kelly again as they were headed back to home and really wanted to can it and join them but my time at this stage was ok.  I went through 3km at 17:18 and then 5km at 29:19 so at the moment things were looking ok but I was tired.  My legs felt trashed.  

total time was 47:24 ................. at least I managed to keep it all under 6min km in total.  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

10km race - 2nd in series

I got up nice and early (5:20am) and started to get ready as Kay was picking me and denise up at 5:50am.
First thing I noticed when I got out of bed was how sore my glutes were.  Like they were REALLY sore and it took me a few moments to work out why.............I had spent the day at work walking around in my new heels (4 inch stiletto's) I am trying to break them in and I forget how much you use your glutes for balance when on your toes.  DOH!

Its an hour drive into Kalinga Park, in Brisbane.  I like this course as it seems to be a very fast course.  They always put the wheel over it and so I know that it is 10km...... its a 500m out and back plus it has tree cover over it so the GPS always reads short.
Me about 7km ish

We all head out and warm up.  I was hoping my butt would losen up during the warm up but it was still aching alot.  Oh well....lets see how we go.   All the guns are here today with the fast juniors lining up with all of us.   (The road series is not Masters, its open A grade)  And we are off.  I let the young ones shoot out and decided to set up chase and see if I could pick off the same 2 I did last week.  Plus Katya was here today and I was really encouraging her to beat me....which she can do very easily, its just not often she does the 10kms.  With in the first km I had picked off one and was setting up chase on Katya and 2km I had passed them both, but Katya was staying close.  At 3km I was feeling great but my glute was starting to hurt.  It felt fatigued and I could feel the strength draining from me.  As I turned at the 500m (clockwise turns)  I had a sharp pain go through my right glute and pain go through my psoas too.  Oh Pox.....and just like that ..... i had a flat tyre!!!!  Speed dropped off and I struggled to keep a pace at all.  Damn it.  The next km Katya and another had caught me back up and passed me again.

I nearly pulled out at 5km but decided ... well may aswell finish it and just do it as a training walk.  But by 8km I was able to pick it back up again and gave chase after Katya.  I did gain on her but not enough to catch her.

I finished in 58:17  ..... WOW, I am rapt!!!  now to keep it up.

10km race data

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5km Fartlek along the walkway

There is a storm brewing!!!  Thunder and lightening has been cracking for the last hour and it is pouring down.  Oh happy joy and I have to go out in that and do a speed workout......UGH

I got home and quickly changed into my gear and quickly headed out the door.  As luck would have it....the rain stopped just as I made it to the start of the walk way.  Yay!!!!  But it was still awesome watching the lightening out over the sea.  

I started and really tried hard to get some good speed going.  I felt heavy and sluggish (but then the walkway makes me feel like that most days)  I got to my first km mark in 5:41  (already I am 20 seconds slower) 

I slowed and discovered the walkway is flooded and had to go up over the grass and sand which made my feet very slippery for the next fast 500m but I pushed on.  I tried really hard on this workout.  As we no longer have a track to walk on this will be where I will do my speed work.  So I needed a base time so I can at least see improvement as time goes by.

My recoveries are still too high and something I need to work on.

1st km = 5:41
2nd km = 3.03 + 2.44 (5:47)
3rd km = 3.08 + 2.45 (5:53)
4th km = 3.07 + 2.53 (6.00)
5th km = 3.03 + 2.49  (5:52)
total time 29:18   I am happy enough with that.

On a sad note..........I drove to work this morning in total disbelief at what I was hearing on the news.  A terrorist attack at the finish of the Boston Marathon.  I spent all day following the news updates and talking to my friend Lis in Denver.  I am still reeling from such a stupid senseless act.  Killing everyday people enjoying a very special and elite sporting event.  Even worst was a child was killed and many others terribly injured.  Athletes have had many amputations and lives will never be the same again.  I can only hope the catch the people responsible   

Sunday, April 14, 2013

10km Race - Race 1 in the series

On Thursday night I went and raced with Kay, Densie and Robyn.  We met up in Southport and headed along the walkway out there.  While it was beautiful and I really enjoyed having company, it got dark real quick after 5km and so coming back Kay and I struggled.  I just couldn't see and tripped a couple of times.  So My time is really off and I don't really rate it much.

Today - 1st race in the 10km series.  We drove into Brisbane (thanks denise for your super driving)  and found New Farm Park.  I went for a warm up and walked the course.  It was a nice 1 km loop with a rise on one side and and slight downhill the other and double speed humps every 100m.  Not what I would call a fast course but it was scenic and I could see time would pass quickly.

We started out and I settled in behind Amie and Mikayla.  I had Paul hot on my heels and really hoped he would stay on form and give me a good push.  2km's into the race and I had caught  Amie (forgive me if I have the names back to front)  and gave chase after Mikayla.  Paul sadly had dropped off and was not feeling it today.  I was not pushing hard but was trying to keep to a steady pace.  Focus on my form which felt all over the show today.  Each speed hump I would either step over and in between or land heavy on the top of them.  I did find this very jarring on my knee.

I caught Mikayla at 4km and called to her to use her arms more and stay on behind me ... she is usually quicker than me but she also was not feeling it today.  By 5km I too was not feeling it anymore and had dropped to 6min/km pace.  I figured if I can hang on to this I might just do a sub 60min which was way faster than I had planned.  By 8km I was feeling it.  My glutes were hurting, my psoasis was hurting and I was tired.  When they called out last lap, I was so relieved and I tried to pick the pace up.  Crossing the line in 59:17

YUS!!  I am very happy with that considering that I have been working mainly on style change and not on distance work.  Guessing that will all change from next week.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A fantastic 3 km Fartlek

Tuesday is always TRACK NIGHT.  This was to be our last track session as they are pulling up the track to replace it.......they even started pulling it up while we were walking around.  Even some of the walkers took away a wee chunk of it for memories.

I warmed up for 4 laps...with one lap just walking the line.  The others were doing drills and then 10 laps.  So I started out on my own.

I felt a tad tight from the walk the night before but nothing hurt to much.  I was trying very hard to keep  my hips level and my knee coming through in a straight line.  Plus push off with my toes more and tuck my butt and hold my core straight...........phew thats a lot to think about.

I went through the first km in 5:24  .... ok I am happy with that.  Now the work begins, can I maintain a good recovery pace, can I pick it up for the next fast 500m

the answer tonight was YES I could and YES I did.

1st km = 5:24
2km = 3:03 + 2:38 = 5:41
3km = 2:58 + 2:39 = 5:37

total time was a smokin 16:45   YAY!!!!! finally some improvement.  Plus my heart rate was a good avg too 157 b/m

3km fartlek data

Monday, April 08, 2013

7km along the walkway

Well since Canberra I have just focused on walking the line and trying to get my hips in line as I walk.  Plus tucking the butt under and using my glutes to walk.

Was not sure what I was meant to do today.  I missed the 10km yesterday and I thought I should do that tonight but by the time I got home from work it was getting dark.  Shane and Kelly said they would do the 2km walkway so that I would have someone out there.  We all started out and it was drizzling and windy.  I decided then that I might just do 5km......but as I got on to the single lane road I figured I would have enough time to do 6km................turns out I was able to turn at the 6km and head back to met the guys.

Tonight I was trying to concentrate on so many things.  Trying to get my glutes to fire being the top of the list and I think they did in the last couple of kms.  Trying to get my hips low and lift my feet a little so that I can get a longer stride.  It is tough when walking and thinking about so many different things.

Total time for the 7km was 43:24 (avg 6:14) but the pleasing was my heart rate avg had come down.

7km Walkway

Friday, April 05, 2013

AMA Nationals in Canberra

I flew down to Canberra for Easter to compete in the AMA Nationals.  This would be my first step out in a National comp and I was feeling very nervous.  I was so under done with my training.  I am still very very unfit and only just coming out of injury.

First up was the 5000m track.  It was COLD....well ok...ideal racing conditions but it felt so very cold to me.  It was 7 degs and 12 degs for racing.  Once I had done a lap I was warming up and I must admit it felt good to be able to breathe!

The 5000m was nothing startling.  My time was 28:20 giving me a Silver and I am happy enough with that.  It gives me a base time and something to improve on.  My coach pulled me aside after the race and taught me how to walk...normal walking!!!  My right knee drifts in now and this drags my right hip forward.  So he has me walking along a line and keeping my hips level....(feels like I am crabbing sideways with my left hip...thats how far out I was)

The next race was the 10km road.  I knew this would be tough.  I had been very consistent in my 5000m per lap...would I manage the same in the 10km.  The course was not the greatest....beautiful scenery but under foot not so much.  It was uneven footpath, raised footpath with tree roots and low hanging trees.  Not to mention LOTS of cyclists!!!

I got a better start but Jim noted that I need to be careful for the first 50m.  I set chase after the leading ladies but my fitness was letting me down.  I resided to try to be consistent.   It was also april fools day and my coach Jim was helping out - he was incharge of the DQ board.  I came past for my first lap and he called out that my name was up.......I was guttered to glance and see my number .... then he moved his hand and I saw in large letters APRIL FOOL!!  man he was lucky I was racing as I would have slapped him!!  but it was a good prank and got me good.

total time was 59:08 so I did what I set out to do and crack 60mins.  I also got silver for this one too.

I must admit that all my family drama weighed heavy on my mind while I was away.  I dont accept that I am "playing the victim"  .... yes I will agree that by accident, an item of importance was originally broken and then thrown out.  But I honestly didnt know the importance of that item.  (plus we were selling our house and throwing out ALOT of our own important stuff) Seeing as I picked out every other important item I would have thought it obvious that I had no clue to the importance of the glass containers.  Any how....what I don't accept is the after math and finding out that "my worth" was measured by the two glass bowls and teddy bear chimes.  That the not posting these items would cost me my daughters and my grand children.  That a year later it would also cost my Mother her grandchildren and great grandchildren.
To get back from racing and be told that they have both unfriended my mother was just heartbreaking.  That was the last tie that my own grandmother had to the girls and great great grandchildren.  This whole mess has just been taken to a whole new level and now almost an entire family has been removed.  The stupid thing is ... it hasnt been my mother that has been giving me photos or updates.  It has been one of the 28 joint freinds or family that we share.  I wonder now how far they will go.  Will they dare to unfriend all family and friends that we share?  Will they continue to read my blog.....which I find amusing seeing as one minute they tell friends "I am dead to them" and the next tell family that they "avoid me at all costs"
Well one thing for sure........I am totally over it.  They really dont want me to care about them any more..they got it.  They want me to forget about them and not try to contact them any more...they got it.  I will be in Cairns during August....I wont bother trying to contact them.  They can explain to their kids why I am not part of their life.  I have the returned cards that show I tried.  I am so over their drama and selfishness.  Their lack of respect for family and elders is just beyond words......I didnt bring them up that way.
It is so time for me to walk away.  Its their loss now....not mine.  Their choice .. not mine.