Monday, April 08, 2013

7km along the walkway

Well since Canberra I have just focused on walking the line and trying to get my hips in line as I walk.  Plus tucking the butt under and using my glutes to walk.

Was not sure what I was meant to do today.  I missed the 10km yesterday and I thought I should do that tonight but by the time I got home from work it was getting dark.  Shane and Kelly said they would do the 2km walkway so that I would have someone out there.  We all started out and it was drizzling and windy.  I decided then that I might just do 5km......but as I got on to the single lane road I figured I would have enough time to do 6km................turns out I was able to turn at the 6km and head back to met the guys.

Tonight I was trying to concentrate on so many things.  Trying to get my glutes to fire being the top of the list and I think they did in the last couple of kms.  Trying to get my hips low and lift my feet a little so that I can get a longer stride.  It is tough when walking and thinking about so many different things.

Total time for the 7km was 43:24 (avg 6:14) but the pleasing was my heart rate avg had come down.

7km Walkway

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