Sunday, April 14, 2013

10km Race - Race 1 in the series

On Thursday night I went and raced with Kay, Densie and Robyn.  We met up in Southport and headed along the walkway out there.  While it was beautiful and I really enjoyed having company, it got dark real quick after 5km and so coming back Kay and I struggled.  I just couldn't see and tripped a couple of times.  So My time is really off and I don't really rate it much.

Today - 1st race in the 10km series.  We drove into Brisbane (thanks denise for your super driving)  and found New Farm Park.  I went for a warm up and walked the course.  It was a nice 1 km loop with a rise on one side and and slight downhill the other and double speed humps every 100m.  Not what I would call a fast course but it was scenic and I could see time would pass quickly.

We started out and I settled in behind Amie and Mikayla.  I had Paul hot on my heels and really hoped he would stay on form and give me a good push.  2km's into the race and I had caught  Amie (forgive me if I have the names back to front)  and gave chase after Mikayla.  Paul sadly had dropped off and was not feeling it today.  I was not pushing hard but was trying to keep to a steady pace.  Focus on my form which felt all over the show today.  Each speed hump I would either step over and in between or land heavy on the top of them.  I did find this very jarring on my knee.

I caught Mikayla at 4km and called to her to use her arms more and stay on behind me ... she is usually quicker than me but she also was not feeling it today.  By 5km I too was not feeling it anymore and had dropped to 6min/km pace.  I figured if I can hang on to this I might just do a sub 60min which was way faster than I had planned.  By 8km I was feeling it.  My glutes were hurting, my psoasis was hurting and I was tired.  When they called out last lap, I was so relieved and I tried to pick the pace up.  Crossing the line in 59:17

YUS!!  I am very happy with that considering that I have been working mainly on style change and not on distance work.  Guessing that will all change from next week.

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