Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A fantastic 3 km Fartlek

Tuesday is always TRACK NIGHT.  This was to be our last track session as they are pulling up the track to replace it.......they even started pulling it up while we were walking around.  Even some of the walkers took away a wee chunk of it for memories.

I warmed up for 4 laps...with one lap just walking the line.  The others were doing drills and then 10 laps.  So I started out on my own.

I felt a tad tight from the walk the night before but nothing hurt to much.  I was trying very hard to keep  my hips level and my knee coming through in a straight line.  Plus push off with my toes more and tuck my butt and hold my core straight...........phew thats a lot to think about.

I went through the first km in 5:24  .... ok I am happy with that.  Now the work begins, can I maintain a good recovery pace, can I pick it up for the next fast 500m

the answer tonight was YES I could and YES I did.

1st km = 5:24
2km = 3:03 + 2:38 = 5:41
3km = 2:58 + 2:39 = 5:37

total time was a smokin 16:45   YAY!!!!! finally some improvement.  Plus my heart rate was a good avg too 157 b/m

3km fartlek data

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