Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10km including 3 x 3 min racepace

Tonight I decided to head out and get the 10km walk out of the way.  I am fast running out of days to fit it all in.

I started out and for the first 500m I was terribly stiff and be expected after the speed work out last night.  I wasn't sure how the 3 bursts of 3min speed was going to work out.  I attempted it but from my pace you can barely see it.  After 2km I was feeling warmed up and managed to keep up a good pace.

The one way road is not an easy road to walk...has a sharp camber and I have to walk in the one cycle lane that has a large sign that says NO RUNNERS so I get yelled at ALOT  but the foot path is paved and harder to walk on ... so I tend to just suck it up and walk in the cycle lane.  Its up and down for the 3km length and then it breaks out on to another concrete path.

I headed back feeling strong and was enjoying my walk.  It was dark when I got back to my car and I had just missed Shane and Kelly by minutes.  I stopped my watch and was very surprised at my overall time.  I had walked at about 85% and up to 95% during the race pace portion.

Total time for 10km is 1:01 with an avg heart rate of 151 which shows my fitness starting to come back.

Tomorrow I am going to try and do my 14km as it is ANZAC day here so I get a day off work.  I know I will be tired and it will be slow.

10km data

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