Sunday, April 28, 2013

15km along the walkway on a hot morning.

I opted out of the 10km race today as we didnt get home until 1am from the Bryan Adams concert.  I knew I would not be able to drag myself out of bed at 5.30am.  

My training prog starts today so my option was to do the 15km.  I was really freaked out by this distance.  I used to love the long walks but now....they hurt!  They hurt mentally and physically, I know its only temporary but its hard to push past that.  I look at how fast I used to be and get so cross at myself for letting it go...but I also know that I needed the break as I was really starting to burn out.

Tammy and David were also doing 15km today (in their own corners of the world)  We have all either f/b or voxed each other to boost our confidences.  Each of us struggling with our own minds and bodies.  As I had said to them both....forget the time just get one foot in front of the other and get the distance done.  So I too had to take my own advise.

I started out at 9am (made sure I had a good strong sweet coffee for energy)  I went down the walkway for 2.5km and turned back to do that part again.  I passed Shane and Kelly in this 5km stretch.  Then I turned back and now only had 10km to go.  Now I headed up the walkway and onto the one way road.  I stopped to get water at the last fountain and found it was broken.  Drat NO water!  .... I continued up to the surf club about 800m up the road and spotted a playground over by the beach.  I stopped my watch and went over to  see if there was any I needed that drink.  I was really feeling the effects today and was already light headed and had a horrid feeling across my sinus's.  I continued on up and was still feeling ok.  I was not pushing hard and just turning my legs over.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how good my times were but I was not going to get too excited as I still had that last 5km a head of me.

I turned back up on the next beach but I miscalculated (I can never do math while out brain just goes to mush)  I should have walked another 500 m but never to mind ... it did throw me for while but I figured that I would just have to turn back at the end and make up the extra there.  I did stop at this point for another drink and this time I stepped under the shower.  I was hot .. way too hot.  My watch says it was 24 deg but it was more like 26 - 28 degs.  The water helped lots and I carried on.  My legs were feeling dead now and I was starting to struggle.

So I thought about Tammy and David and figured that if they can be out there doing it so to can I.  I picked up the pace a little.  I was pleased that I had  no major aches or pains for most of the walk.  Lower back started to grumble in the last 3km.   My major discomfort had nothing to do with my body as such.   I was having a wardrobe malfunction and the chaffing was getting sorer and sorer.  I did manage to block that out for most of the walk.  (I sung like a sailor when I got in the shower though)

I made it back to the main beach front and saw that I needed to turn back for 750m .... back I turned.  I was so close to finishing but by now my body was tired.  Tummy was tired and legs were heavy and tired.  I dodged some kiddies zipping about on bikes and guys walking along with surf boards under their arms.  Mothers pushing prams and dog walkers all blocking the path....the sea was flat and wonder it was getting busy.

I was so happy to stop my watch and absolutely thrilled to see the time.  1:32:54

15 data here

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