Sunday, November 08, 2015

Calf update

Sorry its been soooooo long...but to be honest I have not had the heart to post.

 As you probably know,  I had a tear to my left solious.  I have been to physio and had dry needling and exercise to do.....but 6 weeks on it is no better and it keeps tearing.  I have not even been able to try and racewalk.  It tears walking up a small rise or drive way, it tore again today just walking across sand to the beach.    so now I am headed to the dr and will try to get a scan done so my physio can tell me what is going on.  

all I know is.....if I am not training again by January then World Masters is off the schedule.  I am pretty guttered about this.....its my first bad injury and not training is driving me nuts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5000m fartlek plus 2km pacing

Got to the track late today, didnt get much of a warm up.   Still I really wanted to do a 5000m speed session .  so I opted  to mix it up.  3000m fartlek to start.  I felt really good and was happy with a 17.10

Then a 2000m at 6min per km.  I had my b12 and vit d injection yesterday,  will take a couple of days to work through.
3km fartlek

Sunday, August 09, 2015

10km QRWC Road Champs

Today was one of those .....I have no idea how I will go....days.
 its been awhile since I have raced 10km as most of my training has only been 5 and 8k  distances.   I knew it was going to be a good race especially if erika comes as we are so close in our times.  I was not sure if my fitness would hold up over 10km and new that it would come down to race tactics if I hoped to win.  I LOVE races like this.  I had pretty much worked out how I would race.  I thought if I could do 5min laps it would give me a season best time. 

we get underway and I comfortably step out and take lead female.  3 laps and erika has caught up and is sitting right on my heel.  as per my pre race goal, I was doing 5.05 per lap.  I wondered if erika would try for lead spot but I could tell from her breathing that she was pushing pretty hard. 

At 7.5km I decided it was time to put on a burst and see if she would follow.  I put 20m between us and then again.  2 laps to go and I had a 60m lead.   11 laps and then a short 200m to the turn cone and back for the finish to cross in 57.41 ........ wow where did that come from.

am loving the battles we are having.  erika wil, improve each time she races so it will definitely help to keep me focused on my training.

10km data

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Race Walking Queensland Track Championships

It was an early start for today's race.   Getting up at 5.30am is NOT fun for me, I am so not a morning person.   We meet up at Movie World car park and then car pool from there.   Today Paul put his hand up to drive - Next race will be me :D  

We headed in to Brisbane with our destination being the UQ track and the university.   Today we were racing in the Race Walking Queensland Track Championships - 5000m Open Women / Men

It was such a good turn out today.   There were different races for the different age groups and so a nice turn out of walkers made for good fields and good racing.  For me, I was finally going to race against Erika.   Erika is new to walking and up until a year ago was the cheer squad for her daughter and always seen at each event cheering her on.   But this year her daughter has taken a year off and so Erika has decided to give walking a try and turns out she is really good.  The nature of her work has her very fit and very strong, so I knew I was going to have a very good race against her.  Until now she has only been walking the 10km road walks and getting quicker and quicker each week being sub 60mins now.

Perfect weather for racing, with some low cloud to cover the sun - temp about 16 degs....just nice!  We all lined up -  was so good to see Dean back amongst us again too.  Dave starts the race and Jess Pickles must have been told there was an open bar with free margaritas cause she just took off like she was on a mission,  I followed suit and struck out with a nice quick pace,  Pete and Iggy soon passed me as if I was hardly moving LOL..... and I could tell that Erika was not far behind me.  First km was 5;30 and I felt really good.   At the 2km mark Erika turns up the pace and with a great burst of pace passes me and gets a good 20m ahead of me.  For the first lap the gap remained the same between us but the next lap I had halfed the gap and could see that she was getting tired.   At the 3km mark I had caught back up and sat on her heel for 200m while I thought about what I was going to do.   I decided that I needed to pass her but needed to do so with a good long burst,  After the next bend I stepped out as we hit the back straight and punched it hard and kept going for the 100m pulling a good gap.    I settled back into my pace and 300m later I did another quick burst.  I continued to do this for the next couple of laps until I could no longer hear her foot steps behind me.

One lap to go and I really gave it my all.... I was hoping to get closer to 28mins today....seeing my time with one lap to go I knew I was not going to hit 28mins but I would be faster than the week before.....digging in deep to push hard for the finish line and crossing the line in 28:11  

I am mega happy with this.   8 secs faster than last week  ..... YAY!!!  I loved racing Erika and I am really looking forward to having a few good tussles as I know she will train even harder now and be ready for a great 10km in two weeks.  :D

5000m data

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6 x 800m and 1 x 200m track

I want to make my track session harder.   I need to get maximum gain out of each session, so I will try hard to make these sessions count.   I need fitness and speed back so longer speed sessions will give me this.

So today I opted for 6 x 800m and 1 x 200m this would give me 5km in total.

I started out a little conservative,  its been a long time since I have done these and I remember how quickly they fatigue you.  I felt good but a little off.  I had 2 mins break and then started again.  This time I felt better, hips were moving better and my stride felt long and easy.

My next few 800s were simular and while I was feeling tired I was able keep my pace up.....just.

My 800s are


Total time for 5km would be 26.11

Avg heart rate 149 max 179

Sunday, July 19, 2015

5000m Masters Winter Carnival

Today we had two races to pick from.  1 - the 10km Postal Challenge  2 - the 5000m GC Masters Winter Carnival.   I had long earlier opted to do the 5000m as it was closer to home, not such an early start and we had plans for later in the morning.

Turns out Paul, Debbie and Kay all had the same thoughts and entered last week as well.   I really enjoy track races and was looking forward to have a good step out.  

I have been doing aerial yoga to help with flexibility and also doing core and strength training at home.  While I re-start all of these its only obvious that I will end up feeling stiff and sore for the first couple of weeks...... and I do!  But its a good feeling and I really love that I am waking up sleeping muscles.

Today was perfect temps for racing.....about 15 degs with a slight breeze.... just perfect.   We started out and I felt great....stiff but great.   Got a good stride on and felt like I was relaxed and flowing well.   Did my first km in 5.26 but then my lack of fitness stepped in and my next km dropped back to 5:40.   I tried hard to stay at this pace and looked to see Debbie ahead of me and tried to pick up my pace to pass her.

I went through 3 km in 16:49 and I thought to myself...just keep pushing you might get close to 28mins today, but I kinda hit a wee wall and ended up doing my slowest km for 5:46 and then my last km I was trying to catch Paul (which I did but it zapped me in doing so) and again it was a 5:44 - so 10secs lost in these two kms....  but still.  I am very happy with how my training is going and how I am feeling while I am racing.   Nothing is hurting and I am starting to relax and flow.

Total time for the 5000m was 28:19  

5000m race data

1st place masters W45-49  new medals....they are so nice

Winners are Grinners!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 x 500m Track

Time to start waking up those fast twitch muscles!!!  they have been in a deep sleep and well hidden from me for quite some time.   I have just started doing Aerial Yoga and hope that by becoming more flexable and with a stronger racewalk times will start to come down.   If I can open up my hips more so that I can get better stride will lengthen and I will travel further and faster.....    it sounds SO easy when you just write it down hey.   SIGH!!!

I got to the track and was pleased that the winds have died down and it was just a little chilly......shhhh tammy!   11 degs to me is just down right freezing now!!!  how on earth did I train with frost on the ground..... beats me!

Any how we all warmed up and I had decided that I wanted to do 5km but rather than a fartlek I thought I would do 10 x 500m with a 3min rest....some I did a 2min rest but my fitness is not ready for that yet.  But I am pleased to say that my times were pretty good.   Some I would almost put into my "fast" bracket.   :D

2:36   -  my garmin will show a different time but I pressed the wrong button again.

if I could do that back to back for 5km that gives me a 26:03   ...... once apon a time I could do I WILL do that this space!!!!

10 x 500m

Qld Road Walk Champs

Its WINDY....not breezy....but WINDY.   I woke up at 3am and heard the wind whistling around outside and I thought then...oh dear this is going to make for a very interesting race.  Sure enough.....there were gusts up to 50km per hour and at the beginning of the race it was just continuous.

We were trialing a new course today and I have to say that I loved it.   It was nice and flat with a good wide smooth surface.   The 10 and 20km race was made onto a 2km loop and so they did have a rise in there but our 1km loop was fantastic.   Infact I will be putting it forward to the Racewalk Committee that we drop the Murarie course and use this one in its place.  I would happily walk 20km on this 1km loop.  But any how I have gone off topic......

We attempted to warm up and I took the juniors with we were walking I offered up tips on how to walk into the wind - there is nothing much of each junior and they could easily be blown off the course.  YES it was that windy.  Australia is experiencing a big cold snap and for Queensland....this is very unusual.  Infact there has been reports of snow around the boarder!!  so for us to get 10 degs but feel like 4 degs.....makes us all very cold!

We lined up and our race got under way.   The 10km and 20km walkers had already set off an hour earlier.   With the wind behind us it was a fast 250m down to the first cone but when you turned the cone you really did feel like you were moon walking and just getting no where.   It was just a matter of hunkering down and punching through to get to the next turn cone 500m away.   I was chasing after a couple of the guys and Tenyka ... I picked off the guys and set my sights on Tenyka.  She can normally lap me on a 5km race but the wind was really making it a very hard race for her.

By 3 km I had caught her (17:16mins) I did call out to her to lengthen her stride and tuck in behind me but she was already too tired from struggling against it for as long as she had been.  With the wind the way it was I was expecting to get about 30mins if I was lucky.   By 4km I quickly calculated that I was going to under 30mins and if I can pick up the pace a little I might just break 29mins.   So I took full advantage of the tail wind and really pushed hard.....then it was just one last punch back into the wind to cross the line.  28:55 was my official time.  I hit the wrong button on my watch and didnt stop it... lol.

I pulled up well after this race but by the time I got home my nose was just pouring....and has remained so for two days.  Sigh..........its just what wind does to me.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training - one step at a time

Sorry its been a little bit since I up dated this.   I guess with not having a coach to read over this I have fallen out of the habit of updating each time I train.

I am really pleased that last week I trained 3 days in a row.... while that doesn't seem like me that was huge as in the past my body has not been able to stand it and breaks.   While my back is still sore it is not stopping me too much and I am working on stretching and strengthening it.

Today I have been flat all day.   No energy or motivation to do anything.....but I still went to the track and was all set to try my hand at a 3km fartlek and then 4 x 500m  BUT.....and its a good BUT..... I discovered once I had changed that I didnt have my watch ... no gps watch nor even a normal watch.   Well that blows the fartlek..not much point if I cant tell how fast or long it took me.   So I turned to plan B and walked with Paul.   He was happy to do 5km and so I sat in behind him and we set out.

After two km I moved up a little and he picked up the pace again and with each km after that we got a little faster to finish with a 6 min km.   I had helped him achieve his first kick down.  :D

I am pretty sure he said our total time was 33:40  but I will need to check with him.  I am happy enough with that.  I have an appointment tomorrow so I may not get a chance to train... with how tired I am feeling I dont think it wise to get up early and do it.

I have realised that I am 4 weeks overdue for my Vit D and B injections and I feel this is part of the cause for my tiredness.... not sleeping well and poor eating also adding to it.  So my goal is to clean up my eating and focus on good solid training sessions - maximizing as much as I can out of each regardless of how long or short.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Easy 5km tonight

Phew,  the ol body sure let me know I had pushed it a bit hard in my 5000m race.   My back feels like its gone through a wringer!!!!

Muscles up both sides of my back and all through my I really threw my all in to it.

Tonight its raining...infact its been raining since Friday...with just patches of not.  There was no track tonight and so Kay and I decided to head to the walkway.  While it means an easy walk for back really didnt want me to go any quicker.

We just cruised along and chatted the whole way.  Kay needing the distraction from a busy day and me to forget how much my back was screaming at me to stop.  So we didnt care much for time and just enjoyed it for what it was.   35:32 was our time.

On thursday I have said that her and paul should head off when they arrive and I will chase them down once I get there.  That way I get a bit of a good hit out too.   Then I will make up my mind what distance I will walk this weekend.  Its the GC Walk champs for 10km....and that pulls at my competitive side..... but my sensible side is trying to stamp her foot and say ... YOU are not race fit yet...10km is too far unless you just training walk it.  I know myself to know I CANT do that.   Plus I also found out that the 20km road walk has a new course and is also only two weeks away....eeekkkk......    I have to learn to say NO.

5km wander

Sunday, June 14, 2015

First race for the season

Today was a 5000m Masters race at the track.   I had no idea what to expect from myself but was keen to enter and use it as a guide.

Paul, Debbie and Patrick were the other starters today.... that would give me a good mix on the track to chase.  Race got under way and I started out a bit quick and quickly steadied myself deciding that I was better to push harder in the last 2 kms that wreak myself in the first km.

I got to 3km in 17:20 and was feeling pretty good.   Lungs were working hard and I was feeling alittle breathless....but I still felt that I was able to stay at the pace I had settled into.

3km and I had picked up and passed two walkers and was chasing down Paul.   He is injured at the moment so it was a hollow victory to pass him at 4km.

Really really thrilled to have finished the 5000m in 28:57

thats a minute faster than I was to see how I go next week as its the GC Champs 10km Road walk.......

5000 data

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

First steps - Here we go!

I did a 6km walk on Saturday, just an amble - nothing flash.  More just to get the joints moving again.
38:14 for an avg pace of 6:22 per km.  

Tuesday - first decent session and bugger me .... I am the only senior of our group to show at the track.   So I thought I would see what the 3km road course is that the juniors do and then follow up with a quick 2 km on the track.

The 3km was a bit of a fizzer for me as the kids had all had events on that morning so were not in training mode......lots of stopping and talking.   I didnt know the route they were doing so had to stick with them until we headed back.  So the 3km was about good little ups and downs to get the legs working.

So I hit the track and set out to make it a good solid effort for 2km.   I felt really warmed up and ready.  I didnt feel as out of breathe as I thought I would, but I didnt have much speed in me either.   I was pleased to have done both kms at under 6min pace....just not sure how much more I had in me.  

1 km - 5:54
1 km - 5:50
Total - 11.44 for 2km

Happy with that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Track session and first real push

Tonight had planned to push a little and see how I went.

I am a little courteous at the moment as I have developed a small complication called Mondors Cord.  Its where the tendons and veins become inflamed from the surgery and they form can feel them running from under the boob to my hip bone.   They are a little tender and I did feel them a little at the end of tonight's walk.

I warmed up with Paul, Kay and Debbie and then decided to walk my first km with them....more for social reasons than anything else.  We did our first km in 7:51 mins - taking it very slowly as its Pauls first walk after nearly 2 weeks off with a back strain.   Once we hit the next km mark though I was well ready to push and see how I go.  

I felt great tonight.  No shin pain, no glute pain ... just a little breathless and can feel the lacking of strength.

My kms went great...I picked up good speed and felt smooth.....trying hard to push with my arms now - not so afraid of using my chest now.

2nd km was 6:07
3rd km was 6:07
4th Km was 6:10
5th km was 6:04

All up my 5km was 32:21 but I can take off a good 1:30 from that ... so I am very happy.   Plus a low heart rate as well....  avg 144 max 164

I am off to New Zealand tomorrow and will continue to train while I am over there.   I am going to attend the burial of my Grandmothers Ashes.   I was just devastated that I was unable to attend her funeral due to my surgery in Bangkok.  So this trip will give me closure and some much needed family time.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Slowly goes it

I started slowly training last week.   Making sure that I kept to easy paces and didnt go pushing my self.   Its normally hard holding back, but my fittness is down so it was pretty much the best I could do anyhow.

Tuesday -  I went to the track and opted to do the same 4km that Kay was doing.   My goal was to let my body set the pace and then try to match that kilometer time for the other 3km.   I did pretty good.   Finding that 6:15 per km was my easy pace.   I felt good ticking along at this pace.  Total time for the 4km was 25.00

Thursday - Was going to walk with Shane tonight but when I got home a storm hit and no way can you train in that.   So I decided I would use the treadmill.   Boy was that ever a botch up.  I walked in to find the treadmill locked at its highest incline.   Great, some muppet has jammed it and left it.  So I turned it off at the wall and let the treadmill reset.   Turned it on and it lowered back to what should be 0 incline.   But some one has also screwed in the feet at the back of the treadmill... GGGGRRRRRR.... so when I went to start my walk I nearly shot off the back as it was such an angle.   I ended up pressing it to as low as it would go....-2 incline and it was still about a 1% incline.  I decided I should be able to walk with it like that.   I had to work pretty hard to keep at the top of the treamill.  Each time I relaxed I would find myself at the end and nearly off.  By 5km I was pretty knackered.  32.46 was my time.

Friday I woke with a very sore Left Glute/Hammy.  I spent the day nursing it and hoped it will be ok for a short walk on Saturday

Saturday -  I just headed out along the walk way for a 5km walk.  It was a little brisk and windy this morning and my glute was still bugging me.  It did settle down eventually but I was worried that I had done more to it.  I didnt have as much up and go today.  Body feeling the effects of the gentle walks already,  my legs were aching (which is normal)  but for some reason my upper abs were feeling really sore???  I was not sure about this cause when I finished my walk and squeezed in my abs it didnt hurt.   But taking a deep breath stretching up my rib cage made my abs kinda hurt.   Will investigate when I get home.   2nd half of my walk was much quicker and I am now tryind to add 1km at a faster pace.   Which I did for my 4th km (6:11)  the rest were about 6:25 ish.  Total time for 5km was 31.56

I have now found what was hurting my ribcage.   I could feel like hard veins in my tummy and wondered what on earth they were.   Turns out that I have a small complication from my surgery called Mondors Cord.   Its when the surgery causes irritations to the veins and you get small clots in the.   The veins get inflamed and hurt.   Does go away after a few weeks.  Its just annoying and tender.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

5km Gentle Race walk

Today was to be an awesome day.

1st -  I went to the track for our AGM for the GC Masters Club and have been selected back onto the committee but they were also giving out their trophy's for the year and I was awarded the Gold Coast Masters Walker of the Year.   Something that I didnt expect and was totally blown away.   I had been injured for a large part of last year and had left my coach to start coaching myself.  In the later part of the season I did pick up and improve immensely and started to show some great form on the track and at away meets.  But I had not thought for one second it would be enough to have gained me any awards at all.   So very very happy right now.  

2nd -  I left the track and headed to Pacific Fair Shopping Plaza as for me to start training I am going to need a proper fitted sports bra.   Myer have a special on at the moment with buy two bra's you get 30% off   -  so with the help of a lovely assistant I am thrilled to say that I measured up as a 14DD before my op I was an empty 14C  so while the improvements are not HUGE ... there sure is an improvement.   Plus the new berrilli bra's are that supportive I am majorly trussed in - there is zero bounce happening here.   Then as I finished up there I popped into my fav clothing store ICE and asked the assistant if she had any longer dress's, fitted, low cut front .....  she raced off and came back with a dress over her arm but said.... I only have a Small....but you look so slender I am sure you will fit it no problem.  Normally I would leave and not bother but the dress looked sooo nice that I thought for a laugh whats the worst that can happen.   Bugger me it fitted and it fitted awesome.  So I had to buy it.   Winning!!!!

3rd - When I got home I decided that I would give the new bra a test walk.   I just threw on my long skins and headed out.   **** hindsite**** should have put a training top on and not left my muscle tee shirt as it rode up and my skins rode was not a pretty site and I ended up stopping and putting my long sleeve around my waist.

It was a little cooler tonight...about 20degs (yeah stop laughing Tammy!  lol )  and the sun was just setting.   I was still unsure if I was going to racewalk or street walk but once I got to my normal start point I guess old habits just kick in and before I thought any more about it I had hit start on my watch and was racewalking at a brisk pace up the road.   400m into it and I felt my tee shirt rising up under my long sleeve top and my skins were settling down in the LOW position....grrrrr so every 400m I am tugging top down or pants up.  By the 2.5 km turn mark I was over tugging at my clothing so I quickly stopped and took my long sleeve off and tied it round my waist - thus covering my bare stomach and proceeded to head back home.   I kept the walk to an easy pace, didnt push myself and was constantly checking off my body as I walked......glutes activated - check,  knee locked - check,  boobs ok - check       yep all the normal things we check off.   LOL  My shins didnt bother me too much which was good.   I was only doing 5km tonight....and I am so pleased to say that nothing hurt.  The sports bra is a good one and worked so well.  Nothing rubbed or chaffed either.   YUS!! so I can officially start light training this week and slowly build up distance and pace over the next two weeks.  
time for my 5km was 32:15  with an avg heart rate of 133     ---   nice and easy!   

Thursday, May 07, 2015

First walk back since Bangkok

I am not able to racewalk with speed for 4 weeks.  But I am able to walk normally for a week and then next week I can do a brisk walk.  

I was hanging out so badly to walk tonight.  I have wanted to walk all week but as I have been ill with a nasty gastro bug, I have not been able to.   Walking is my stress relief and I adore walking with my hubby, as we talk about everything.   Its our undistracted time and we make the most of it.

So tonight we just wandered along the walk way and enjoyed watching the sun set.  Plus we were passed by Kay, Deb and Paul who were out doing their 8km.....(you have no idea how much I wanted to walk after them)

But no matter how slow we were.... I got to stretch my legs for 5km and it felt wonderful.   In the weekend we will go for a walk around emerald lakes.  

5km in 45 mins .... nice and easy.

For those that are curious - I have decided to share a before and after photo wearing the same sports crop top.    See if you can spot the difference.   :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 x 500m then a quick relay

What a fantastic way to finish up my last speed session.  Tonight I just flew!!!!  My style came together perfectly and I was fast!!!! and legal!!!!

It was such a mega crazy morning for me at work ... I didnt know if I was coming or going for most of it.   I have finished my first week of the Optislims and was thrilled to weigh in this morning and find I am exactly 4kg lighter .... think that also helped with being so speedy tonight.  I just felt awesome today!!!!

Got to the track and warmed up with everyone....then we waited for Robyn to decided what her squad was going to do.... 5 x 500m and then after we were going to have a relay race.   There were 10 of us so we had two teams of 5 ... each were to go through 4 times over 100m

The 500's - I set out at a nice pace...stretched my legs out and let every thing flow nicely - I was not pushing HARD,  maybe about 90% effort.  It was feeling nice and easy, which amazed me.   Maybe the weight loss???

1st - 2:43
2nd - 2:41
3rd - 2:42
4th - 2:40
5th - 2:40

For me thats nice and quick and I am super happy with that.

Then we all lined up for the relay and I must say that Robyn set us up in order so well that for 90% of it we were pretty much neck and neck with each other... and it was so much fun.  Especially watching Denise and Bridie really step up with the speed and surprise us all with just how quick they could really go over 100m.... and how GREAT they looked doing it!!

5 x 500m data

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nice relaxing week of training

I am in my wind it down phase now.

Tuesday I met Kay at the walkway and we did 8km together and a nice easy pace for me and semi brisk for her.

Thursday, Paul and Deb joined us for our usual 8km and we all chatted away while doing that...its so nice having a group to walk with.

Today is Saturday and pretty much my last walk by myself along the walk way for a few weeks now.  So I headed out and just took my time so that I could enjoy it.   But I found I was really lacking energy and while my heart rate was realitivly low, it was still a bit harder than it looked.  I am pleased that I went out but looking back wish I had just tried to have gone further.

I am really hoping it will only be 4 weeks until I can start walking again...and even then it will be at a sedate pace.   Not sure how I will cope mentally with doing nothing at all for 4 weeks.

Thanks to all who have followed me .... this is a little sidetrack in my journey.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Solid 10km training walk

I am really enjoying the added gym work outs.   We have a small home gym on our balcony and I have a small set of dumb bells that I use for all my moves.   I just do high reps and only have a 20 sec rest between sets.  Plus I also do jumping jacks, crunches, leg raises, push ups and twists in between as well.   So it keeps me moving - only my lower back doesnt like it too much.   I am hoping that as I strengthen my core and other muscles this will eventually go away.

Today I really wanted to walk...its Easter and I have been nibbling on chocolate and eating out alot... I really need to get out.   

It was nice this afternoon....the rain has stopped and the cloud lifting.   It wasnt super hot which was a nice change.  The walk way was packed as normal, lots of kids on bikes and people walking their dogs.   I decided to add in bursts of speed to make this walk a little more substantial.   So every couple of km I would pick up for 500m of it.   I felt good and strong during this walk and had planned to do 12 km but when I got to 8km my back was starting to ache and so I decided to not push it and stop at 10k,    As I dont have any events that I am training for at the moment I would rather stop than end up hurt.  

Its only 2 weeks not till I go to bangkok.  Not sure how I will cope with ZERO exercise for at least 4 weeks.    I guess I will cope .. well I have to dont I.

time for today was pretty decent for a training walk.  10km in 1:02:10 for an avg of 6:13 per km.  I am happy with that.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

10km Corporate Challenge Race 2

I didnt do Race 1 which was a 5km as it clashed with a Masters club walk and I choose to do that.  But no that the Summer season has come to an end and there are no more races til Winter season starts, I decided to jump at the Race 2 which was 10km.

I haven't posted much about my training over the last week or two.  Nothing really exciting to report....just me ticking on doing what I do.   Have not done any speed sessions and have just decided to do distance with an avg pace as I am trying to lose some weight before surgery in 3 weeks...not that it has worked that well...sigh.

The course was really nice, its a 5km loop - the first 500m follows the road and then you swap over to a path on the nature reserve, this goes for about 1.5km then you pop back out on the road for one of the longest sections of the race - a long straight that is nearly 1.5 km.   Then you pop up the bank and follow the edge of the cycle drome......for the second lap you flick to the left and join back up to the start again.....on your finishing lap you flick right and do one lap of the track to finish.

It was pretty congested for the first 1km as people were starting to pull away from each other.  I stayed with the 55min pace runners for the first km but they slowly pulled away as I started to settle into a slower pace.   I was having trouble breathing properly and at the 4km mark was starting to cough and dry retch (I have had a gummy throat for about 2 weeks....its not sore ... just got gunk that seems stuck in it...worse at night time)

At the 5km and the start of the final lap,  I started to clear my breathing and decided to try and pick off the group of runners that were a head of me.  The 60min pace runner had just passed me and I really wanted to stay on her heel.  The path way through the nature reserve...while pretty ... is not fast .. for a walker the path is too uneven to really get too much speed going....and I noticed that my pace had dropped ALOT in this section.  I had picked off 4 of the runners and now set my sites on the last one ahead of me.   I caught her just as we hit the bank up to the cycle drome... 1 km to go and so I dug deep and managed to pick my pace up enough to get past her and to put a good gap between us.  I really thought she would take chase but I think she was pretty much done.

When I popped out on to the do one lap to come around to the finish area.....there was a runner a head of me who had stopped for air but started running again when she saw me coming.... as we came round the last bend the commentator saw us and started egging us both on and alerting the crowd that here comes the first walker and its going to be an all out with a runner to cross the line.   I did catch her and we both crossed the line at the exact same time....... 1:01:13   ... and I forgot to push stop on my watch LOL .... I was pushing so so hard to catch her.....I fair flew.   The finish photographer came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder with a grin ear to ear.... he showed me his screen on the camera and said "you're busted" ...... DQ for you he said......    yep the photo shows me about an inch off the ground with both feet.............. I replied you know what...that fact that I can lift is just bloody amazing in its selft but at the end of a 10km when I was shattered.... I will gladly take that!!!    So I am waiting for the photo to be uploaded to his site as I know there will be many comments...............and thats ok :D

10km data

Side note::::   Will head to Dr this week if my throat doesnt clear up....I had thought it may have been caused from drinking milky coffees when I know I cant really do dairy.... but two weeks its two weeks too many.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

10km slog

Well they say you are what you eat!   Today I was cheese whiz!!!!!

Last night I had a strong urg for Pizza!  its very rare that I ever want pizza and I used to LOVE domino's.   So I thought why not have a treat and went and brought a large Hawaiian and a Half/Half of Chicken hawaiian, and Chick, bacon/bbq.   The first thing I noticed when I opened the box at home was that it looked like a heap of yellow liquid had been poured over the pizza and to my horror at first bite discovered that was the cheese!!!!   The chicken on my pizza was ground up and tasted nothing like chicken.................... I was very disappointed to say the least.  I should have just gone to the Italian place up the road and brought from them.  

I woke up today and was really just not feeling like doing anything,  my back was achy and I felt really flat.   But, laying in bed is not keeping me fit or helping me to shed some weight. So I got up and dragged my butt out the door.  

I had to fight with myself the whole walk today,  I felt flat and stodgy, no energy and no get up and go.  My back hurt and my head was just telling me to quit.   So to cheat myself into doing at least 10km..... instead of turning back on the walkway (which would have finished me at 8km) I turned and went up hedges ave for a 1 km ... knowing that when I turned it would end me on 10km.  Hedges was really busy with bikes so my times dropped dramatically as I was going up and down on the curbs and dodging people on bikes.

My friend Tammy made it to 20km today..........I take my hat of to her, there was no way I had that in me today and even her first 10km was was faster than mine today.... she will be tickled to know that :D

Well its done now and wailing over it wont change it.   While it was a slow 10km it was still done.  1:05:23 with a low avg heartrate of 148 wish shows I just wasnt working hard....

10km data

Sunday, March 08, 2015

5000m GC Masters T&F Championships

Night meets are AWESOME!  Especially when you live on the Gold Coast and have temps of over 30 degs most days.... so racing at night when the sun is down and the stars are out is devine.  Temps may still be up but the heat of the sun is gone.   As luck would have it, the clouds came over and the temp was a nice cool 25 degs.   

The only thing I struggle with when racing so late at night is figuring out my food intake...and I really buggered it up for this race.   I had a late breakfast at 10 am then we headed to Harbour Town and went to the movies.   But we didnt get out until 3pm and by the time we made it home at 4pm I realized I had missed my cut of for eating as the race was at 7:45pm I needed to eat 4 hours prior.  Went to make a sweet coffee and got distracted, before I new it ... it was time to head to the track.

I warmed up and did alot of dynamic stretches and racewalk drills.  A few walkers had pulled out from the 5000m, they had done the 1500m earlier and were struggling a little.   So it was myself, Iggy, Christian and Robyn that lined up for the 5000m walk.  I really didnt have any plan in mind.  I knew Iggy was faster than me but I had hoped that he wouldnt lap me tonight (he did but 200m ahead of his finish - so I am happy with that)  

The starter got us under way and I stuck close to Iggy for the first 300m but once his legs warmed up he started to slowly pull away and I was happy to let him go.  I have learned from experience to walk your own walk and I was happy at the pace I was going.   My first km was 5:26 and I was feeling really good.   There were no lap scorers so the officials decided to take on that role but in doing that they forgot to flip the lap counter on the track side....So when they realised and called out to me....8 to go?   I nodded but then really lost my focus as I tried to work out what lap I actually was on.....I just click on km by km...not lap by lap.   So for a whole lap I really lost my focus...(it was my 2km lap) so yes I did have 8 laps to go.  Never ask me to do math at the best of times but mid race..... I cant even give you 1 + 1 LOL

As I went through 3000m I glanced at my watch but with the dim light I couldnt read it properly and so I thought it said 16:50 - I was pretty happy with this and started working out that if I could keep this up I might get a high 28mins for the race.   (it was actually 16:37)  On my 4th km I was starting to feel tired and my energy was slowly leaving me.   With just one km to go now and trying to keep Iggy from lapping me, I had to dig it in and push.  I still was sure I was aiming for a high 28 and ask Iggy came past me just 200m off his finish and for me .. my final lap, I tucked in behind him and went all out.   I know I can do 400m in 2:04 fresh and it was now that I really needed to push hard.

As I crossed the line I hit stop and then checked my watch.  I was expecting to see 28:XX but to see 27:59.9 was the BEST feeling ever.   But better than that....was checking the acutal results and finding out my official time was 27:58   .............. this is my fastest time in its my Aussie PB    

Now that I know I can reach this level with the training I am doing myself, I am excited for Perth.   I will be taking 12 weeks off soon to recover from my surgery but I can still do stationary bike and many of my isometric weights etc   ... I am confident I can still pull off a good 5 and 10km time for the world masters.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

10 x 300m / 100m cool down

Short and sharp track session tonight.   Kay and I decided to join in with the juniors work out.   While I dont like the short distance speed sessions I decided that tonight I just wouldnt go all out and I should be ok.   I tend to push too hard on the short distance and end up pulling my hip flexors.

So tonight I held back and focused on technique which I was told looked good and relaxed.

My 10 fast 300's were all at a good solid pace with an avg of 1:37

Laps Time
1 01:41.6
2 01:36.5
3 01:37.2
4 01:38.0
5 01:37.7
6 01:38.0
7 01:37.1
8 01:36.6
9 01:36.7
10 01:36.0

I am happy enough with that.   Avg heart rate was 148 which is showing my fittness is returning slowly.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

12 km along the broadbeach

I should have stayed up this morning.   Shane went to work at 5.30am and I felt pretty decent BUT being a big lazy bum, I went back to bed and woke up at 8.30am feeling shattered and had to really talk myself into getting my butt out the door for this walk.

I really wanted to do 12km.  I didnt care how long it took me just to get it done.   I need some long walks to not only build up my endurance but these long slow walks burn the most fat and I must lose 3 kg in the next 7 weeks.    Doesnt sound like much but in the last 3 weeks I have only lost .5kg and its frustrating me no end.

I felt pretty decent for most of this walk.   I can certainly feel that I am using my glutes more now and by 8km they were really telling me they were working.  Oddly looking at my km splits I was doing one km at an easy and one km at a moderate (10 sec dif).   To me I felt like I was walking pretty much the same the whole way.   Not sure if that is just the lay of the ground or just how I was feeling at the time.   I do know that it was getting pretty hot out there and my arm that had the laser on it was starting to heat up on the last few kms.   I put a large glob of sunscreen on it before I went out so I dont think it got burnt.  It was 29 degs when I got back home....just a slightly warm day.

The last 3 km were a bit of a mission.  I had to keep checking my form and telling my self that it wasnt far now and to keep legs and glutes were getting pretty sore and tired and on the last km I worked hard to pick up the pace to finish.   I wanted to see if I could still find a little bit in the tank for the last km.   I did but it was pretty much it.   Total time for 12km was 1:16:08 so an avg km pace of 6:21 per km.   I am happy with that as its faster than I thought I would be.

I am definitely noticing a huge difference in my walking since I have been doing regular weight sessions and calisthenics with bodyweight workouts.   Its made me much stronger which I guess is helping me be faster with less effort in my walking.    Core strength is slowly coming along now and I can finally do a 90 sec plank...............hey for me thats bloody awesome casue when I started I could only just do 25 secs.

12km data

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5km track - easy

After a terrible weekend both weather wise and health wise I was really feeling the need to do some form of exercise but I knew I was not up for speed work.   We had a big cyclone go through over the weekend so the weather was WILD to say the least and I ended up with a banger of a migrane that only went away yesterday..... way way way too many drugs in my tummy and its left me with some shocking abdo pains.   But I was determined to walk tonight and decided that I would just do an easy 5km.  

I warmed up with Kay for 3 laps and then had a good stretch.  I figured at the very least I could make it to 3km and if I felt ok then carry on for the 5km.   When my tummy is like this I never know how I will go, sometimes I can start out and it settles and goes away...other times it just hurts the whole way but not enough to stop.

I was really surprised when I started out how ok I felt.....Robyn did say I looked abit stiff but I settled after a bit.  (was not able to twist to much at the beginning)  so when I went through my first km in 5:52 I was really surprised.  It didnt feel like I was going that fast.   hmmmm wonder if my Multi B and Vit D injection have worked so quickly lol....only had them yesterday.  But the rest of my walk remained the same pace.   I finished the 5km and felt really good ..... stomach still in knots but I am used to that....but body wise I felt great.

29:17 for an easy 5km .............. hell yes I will take that!!!

5km track data

Thursday, February 19, 2015

5km treadmill

We were all going to do 8km along the walk way but Cyclone Marcia has other ideas!   She is due to hit the Gold Coast at 10pm tonight but already we are getting rain and wind.   Its been up graded to a Cat 4 .... I really feel for those further up north where it is going to hit land soon.  

So I decided to come home and jump on the treadmill in the downstairs gym.   The last time I used it I thought something was wrong with it and today I am sure of it.   As I walked in you can see its up on an incline but when you turn it on it says its level...hmmmm I started it and couldnt walk at the top of the treadmil so I knew it was not level,  I had to drop it to -2 to get it level (Shane says its prop lost the two back feet on the treadmill)  I also found the belt hard and surging so it was difficult to get into a smooth style.   But I manage to make it through to 5km before I thought bugger this and left it.

I am hoping the storm will have passed by Saturday as I would like to head out and get a 12 or 14km walk done..... but I am not going to bother if its pouring and windy.

time for tonight as an easy 32:49

Data here

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4km easy and 1km fast

After a weekend of not feeling so well and bad stomach aches, I really didnt feel like any speed work tonight.   So I opted for an easy 5km and walk with Paul..... but when we neared the 3km mark Paul asked if I wanted to pick up the pace and then try for a fast last km.

At this stage we were doing 6:38 per km - so really nice and easy.   4th km picked up to about 6:20 and then when we hit the last km mark we kicked it up and pushed hard.   I was walking beside Paul (knowing I was walking further but was ok with that) but suddenly got some really sharp and nasty pains in my stomach so I dropped back and tucked in behind him with the intention of letting him go and easing back, but once he got about 3 meters away from me the competitive streak in me took over and I took chase.   I manged to catch up to him and cross the line hard on his heels for a 5:26 last km.

Both of us were really happy with that and I feel like I still had a good work out.

Total time was 31:39

track work out

Monday, February 16, 2015

Training's coming along well

Thursday :-
Kay, Paul and Deb were all meant to met up at Broadbeach for our usual 8km easy...but unfortunately they were not able to tonight.   So I headed there myself.   I am really glad that I thought to put my headset in the bag so I had music.   It also gave me a chance to have a good step out and push for a good 8km.  I felt really good and took it nice and easy for the first 4km then started to pick the pace up for the last 4km.   At 7km it started to rained hard!! so it sure made me go faster to get to the car.   :D    total time was a good 50:41 for an avg pace of 6:20
8km data

My hubby ended up with a nasty gastro virus and for 3 days I felt very seedy and unwell myself.  It was also our wedding anniversary on Saturday (Valentines Day)  so we just stayed tucked up at home.   Sunday I didnt feel like walking still but I did make up a small crossfit circuit in my lounge.   I had the couch to use as step ups,  crunches,  planks, mountain climbs,  bridges and side oblique crunches which I did a set of for a min between doing small weights - dumbbell curls, shoulder press, lateral raises,  tricep extension,  wide stanch squats.    After 30mins I was pretty sweaty and feeling like I had achieved a really good workout.

Monday ;-
Back to my racewalking in the mornings.  I felt better today and so stepped out for my 5km.   I did an easy 31:29 for an avg pace of 6.17    My morning walks are not about speed but technique.  I work on getting a good twist in my hips and push off with my back foot.   Its slowly getting easier and with the squat and ab challenge that I have been doing...I feel stronger too.

5km data

I will be taking a short break from walking in April for 6 to 12 weeks to have surgury.   So I need to get as much fitness in as I can.   I will be able to use stationary bike but I already know that it does nothing for holding onto rw fitness.   I have 60 days to drop 4kg and tone up a little, so I am amping up the cardio now and cutting back the kj's in my diet.   Being of early menopause age...I am finding it sooo hard to lose any weight at all.   Seems the more I train the less I losse.   I know that once it starts to drop off it will just continue...its just getting it to start.  I must say that aging really does SUCK!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3km fartlek and 4 x 500m

After a shocking 3km race on Friday night, I managed to back it up the next morning with a moderate 5km walk at the Parkrun in 29:51

My body had not recovered from the 200m repeats and I have decided to stay away from them.

Today I had decided to do a 5km fartlek but changed my mind about 3/4 through the workout.  So instead I did a 3km fartlek and then 4 x 500m so I still did 5km

3km fartlek went well and I while I felt sluggish I walked much faster than I had on Friday night.  My Moderate 500ms were under 3mins.    all in all I am happy with this.

1st km  = 5:22
500m easy = 2:59 and 500m fast = 2:46
500m easy = 2.58 and 500m fast = 2:43

total time for 3km fartlek was 16:51 - a much more acceptable time.

then I went on to do 4 x 500m but my watch started to do some really odd things and kept acting like I had pressed stop not lap but I know I was pressing lap.  

1st 500m = 2.39
2nd 500m = 2.41
3rd 500m = 2.43
4th 500m = 2.40

I had a 2min rest between sets but shows I was much faster in these than during my fartlek.

Feeling much happier with this workout.

3km fartlek

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

12 x 200m and 1 x 1500m

Tonight was a tougher speed session.   My stomach had been playing up all day today but I was still determined to walk.

I did a quick two laps to warm up and when I heard what the others were going to be doing, I made sure I took it easy on my first 200m until I felt I was moving better.  

I never really felt like I flowed well tonight and I know it was due to my stomach.  Its been ages since its played up so I cant complain too much.   It just bloats up and goes tight and hurts....ALOT!!!  So its hard to twist and move when its feeling uncomfortable.  

Still I am happy with my times and surprised myself for a few of them.   I averaged 1 min for the 200's ... pretty good for how I was feeling.  But I did take it easy on the 1500m  I was tired by now and my tummy was really feeling crabby.   So for 1500m it was an easy time of 8:44

200 m 01:05.2
200 m 01:01.1
200 m 00:59.3
200 m 00:57.4
200 m 00:57.7
200 m 00:58.5
200 m 00:59.1
200 m 00:59.1
200 m 01:01.9
200 m 01:02.2
200 m 01:02.1
200 m 01:02.2
1500m 08:44.7

I was pretty pleased to get a couple of :57's in there....   LOL   but I really really dont like 200m I am not a sprinter.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

10km along broadbeach

Today I decided to sleep in!!!!   it lasted about 30mins and as I was still wide awake and sweating from the heat, I figured I may as well be out side sweating and getting fitter.

I had missed the start of park run but that was ok.  I really wanted to do a longer walk today and had planned on a good solid 8km.   Turned out I felt much better than I first gave my self credit for and I did 10km.

There must have been a Surf Club event on today too as there were so so many different surf rescue groups.   At one time there would have been a good 50 people paddling out in the water heading out to the two large bouys out at sea.   Was quite interesting to watch and I kept walking back and forth.  I hate hedges ave with passion so today I decided to just go up and down on the walk way.  Its a measured 2km so its pretty easy to do so.  I did find that the last km of the walk way was under shade so when I hit 7km I turned back so that I could finish most of my walk in the shade.  

I stopped twice for water as it was getting very hot and humid.  Plus I was finding that as I looked down at the my watch and then back up to see, I would get a little light headed.   A sure sign of dehydration if ever there was.

I felt really good today....much stronger than last weekend and I managed to keep up a pretty good solid pace for the whole walk.   Doing a 1:02:16 for an avg pace of 6:14

Fitness is preserving nicely.  Plus I got home and did my squat and ab challenge.  Up to doing a minute plank (stop laughing!!!! thats a lot for me)

10 km data

Thursday, January 29, 2015

4km kick down

I was planning on doing 8km tonight.   WAS!!!!!'

But after working all day in our rat infested container moving all our archived filing into big plastic bins..... my back was totally screwed.   Infact I could barely stand up straight with out little electric shocks shooting down my legs.  Guessing lifting 52litre bins above my head was not my best plans, but I didnt really get much choice as the boss said it had to be done by 5pm tonight.  So done it was!!!!

anyhow.... I digress ...

I pulled up at the walkway and its a little breezy.  I do a couple of stretches and then just decide to warm up along the way.  The first km was just painful!!!! muscular wise..... as I got further it did feel better so at 2km I decided to turn back and just try to improve each km and end up with a short kick down.

1 6:15.8
2 6:10.9
3 6:10.9
4 5:54.6                           

I prob should have pushing a little harder at 3km but I am happy with this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 x 500m track session

I got up this morning and walked 4.5 km with Shane (my stupid watch took forever to lock in to a satellite so it only shows 3.5km) I really enjoy walking with him in the morning, takes me a while to wake up and we have some great chats along the way.   But I know that I need to go back to r/w in the morning again to boost up my kms each week.  Plus I did my squats and abs challenge when we got home.

Tonight is speed night at the track.   I was thinking of a 5km fartlek but when I got there Robyn had set all the seniors to do 10 x 500m and I figured.....what the hell...its still 5km.  I was not feeling that "fast" tonight.  Was great to see Paul there tonight so I knew he would help pull me along.

For the first 4 - I lead out but then I said to Paul he can lead out as I felt I was holding him up.  He did take off for the next couple but soon evened back to closer to my times.  I knew I was getting tired cause a couple of times I totally stuffed up my watch pressing stop not lap.... but I know what each 500 was so its easy enough to work it out.     Seems I avg about 2:40 per 500m and I am good with that.  We did 5min blocks so after a 500m we rested for 2:20 and then would go again.  My legs didnt end up too dead, I just seemed to be a bit tired today.  Still very happy to avg these for them all.  Pretty consistent I think.


My heart rate was rather steady today too.  So I am slowly getting fitter.              

10 x 500m data 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 km - Felt fantastic and NO PAIN!!!

Todays walk was fan-freckn-tastic!!!

The park run was canceled due to flooding and so I figured that I would head out and do my first long session.   I had intended to walk to the 5km and then back home which would give me about 10km.  So 10km it was to be!

The rain has just stopped and its pretty muggy out.  Temps are still down which is good.  I decided to do and out and back and go up hedges ave.....dont like it much up there and sure enough when I leveled out at near my turn point the road was so rough that I turned back early.

While yes I was slow, I was not snail pace either.   I was concentrating on style - kinda like my early morning 5km walks...... easy on the speed and get the body moving right.  Really working to get my hips to come round and lengthen my stride.   Its tiring as I am not used to working it like that - but my ab work that I have been doing is paying off and I managed well today.  Plus th protein shakes I have started having seem to be really working well as I have not felt flat for while when training.

I have plenty of time to work on speed and I have said for awhile now that for too long it was a main focus and drive in my training and it just wrecked my body.  I have also started doing weights 3 nights a week at home and each morning I have been doing the Ab and Glute Challenge.  Took a week to settle the legs and get used to all the extra stuff but I am now starting to feel the gains from it.  I feel stronger in my core and can feel that when I walk.

So again I have to say a "thankyou" to Dave Smith for the time he spent down in the GC going through the basics with us all at the track.  For the little extra time he gave me and the patience he gave me as I slowly twigged to what he was saying and explaining.   I still hear what he was saying in my head as I walk and I know it has helped me immensely- my reason for saying this thankyou is especially more important today because today I walked 10km and had NO PAIN anywhere.  This is probably a first for me in over a year.  I felt strong the whole walk.  

Time was 1:03:36  for an avg pace of 6:21  (slow but steady and I am totally ok with that)

10km walk

Thursday, January 22, 2015

5km easy at the track

After doing a good squat session last night and also doing my squat and abs challenge this legs were feeling rather sore.

I enjoyed walking with Shane this morning and today we walked 300m further in the same time.  Came home and mixed up a protein shake for breakfast and headed off for work.

Today I had to zip out at lunch time to have some shading tattoo'd into my tattoo - this will help the lazer blast out the old green ink.   God I hope so as it feels so weird to get something put back in while I want to get it off.

I headed to the track after work and had it pour down on the way.  I really really really hate driving in rain over here.  Its never gentle rain...its always bucket down - cant see road markings or the car infront of you stuff...... yuck yuck yuck.   So I knew I was going to get wet tonight.   I met Kay track side - she was keen to do about 4km so I thought I would walk with her for 4km and then do at least 1 km on my own.  By the time it came for me to pick up the pace for my own time I was soaked to the bone and starting to shiver and feel very cold.  So I opted to quit at 5km.

1 6:40.3
2 6:49.8
3 6:54.9
4 6:56.1
5 5:59.1                           

Total time 33.20   Not too far off my normal morning times for 5km.

So far this week I have managed to eat under my allotted kj total - fingers crossed this stubborn weight will start to slowly melt away.   I hope to drop 5kg in the next few months.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 x 1km speed session at the track

RIGHT HO!!!!!   Its time to get serious and start firing up the engines again.

well on that note, the mind is willing the body complaining LOL.... but I did find that having a protein shake at lunch time was a HUGE help today and I didnt get that empty tank feeling.

Tonight was 5 x 1 km for the seniors,  3 x 1 km for the juniors and 2 x 800m for the lil juniors.

I was expecting to struggle a little and be fairly slow.  But I surprised myself, I was alittle slow but I didnt struggle.  I gave it my all and am happy with the results.  My legs are feeling a little fatigued from the cross training I am doing and the morning walks so with that as well.... I did pretty good.


As I have had a couple of weeks off and am known for not having much on the fast twitch - I am happy with that for a first hit out.   I can only but improve on this hey.

5 x 1km data

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 - another year and another start

Wow.....2015 I didn't see you sneak up on me there.

I am really thrilled to say that this year has started of perfectly.   I have my family back together again!!!   My daughter Shakara and my son Kayne are back speaking again and we are all connecting regularly.  I am getting photos and videos of my Grandson most days and they just warm my heart and make every day that much brighter.

Shane and I zipped back across to New Zealand for Xmas and I spent most of my time racing around the country side catching up with as many friends and family that I could.  It was hectic but wonderful and everyone who knows me ... knows that I relished in it.   One of the most important parts of my trip was to spend time with my Grandmother and I managed to see her three times and for that I will be forever grateful as I am very sure it was to be my last.   Sitting with my head on her lap and her stroking my hair I made sure I told her how important she was to me and how much I loved and admired her.  Saying everything to her that I needed her to hear and know.

I even snuck in a club race while in Nelson.....of course it would have to be the most hilly course they have and it darn near killed me!!!   I did though enjoy a two week break from walking and am now feeling refreshed and ready to get back into it.  I still need to sit down and decide what my goals will be this year and work out a training program to achieve them.  I have started doing weights again and am really enjoying that.

I even managed a quick trip back up to Cairns to spend time with Archer...... not that I needed too much of a push to go.  Archer is just finding his voice and I adored snuggling him and talking to him.  He really is just perfect.   He will certainly be a very  dotted on wee grandson as he will get all my attention :D

so to those who still read this.... My training will start up this week.

Track was 2 x 1500m and 1 x 1km  at 85%    my times were 8.29     8.27     and 5.42
I am happy with that.   Now to shed about 4 kg that has crept on over xmas and I will be on track for a good year of racing.