Sunday, May 17, 2015

5km Gentle Race walk

Today was to be an awesome day.

1st -  I went to the track for our AGM for the GC Masters Club and have been selected back onto the committee but they were also giving out their trophy's for the year and I was awarded the Gold Coast Masters Walker of the Year.   Something that I didnt expect and was totally blown away.   I had been injured for a large part of last year and had left my coach to start coaching myself.  In the later part of the season I did pick up and improve immensely and started to show some great form on the track and at away meets.  But I had not thought for one second it would be enough to have gained me any awards at all.   So very very happy right now.  

2nd -  I left the track and headed to Pacific Fair Shopping Plaza as for me to start training I am going to need a proper fitted sports bra.   Myer have a special on at the moment with buy two bra's you get 30% off   -  so with the help of a lovely assistant I am thrilled to say that I measured up as a 14DD before my op I was an empty 14C  so while the improvements are not HUGE ... there sure is an improvement.   Plus the new berrilli bra's are that supportive I am majorly trussed in - there is zero bounce happening here.   Then as I finished up there I popped into my fav clothing store ICE and asked the assistant if she had any longer dress's, fitted, low cut front .....  she raced off and came back with a dress over her arm but said.... I only have a Small....but you look so slender I am sure you will fit it no problem.  Normally I would leave and not bother but the dress looked sooo nice that I thought for a laugh whats the worst that can happen.   Bugger me it fitted and it fitted awesome.  So I had to buy it.   Winning!!!!

3rd - When I got home I decided that I would give the new bra a test walk.   I just threw on my long skins and headed out.   **** hindsite**** should have put a training top on and not left my muscle tee shirt as it rode up and my skins rode was not a pretty site and I ended up stopping and putting my long sleeve around my waist.

It was a little cooler tonight...about 20degs (yeah stop laughing Tammy!  lol )  and the sun was just setting.   I was still unsure if I was going to racewalk or street walk but once I got to my normal start point I guess old habits just kick in and before I thought any more about it I had hit start on my watch and was racewalking at a brisk pace up the road.   400m into it and I felt my tee shirt rising up under my long sleeve top and my skins were settling down in the LOW position....grrrrr so every 400m I am tugging top down or pants up.  By the 2.5 km turn mark I was over tugging at my clothing so I quickly stopped and took my long sleeve off and tied it round my waist - thus covering my bare stomach and proceeded to head back home.   I kept the walk to an easy pace, didnt push myself and was constantly checking off my body as I walked......glutes activated - check,  knee locked - check,  boobs ok - check       yep all the normal things we check off.   LOL  My shins didnt bother me too much which was good.   I was only doing 5km tonight....and I am so pleased to say that nothing hurt.  The sports bra is a good one and worked so well.  Nothing rubbed or chaffed either.   YUS!! so I can officially start light training this week and slowly build up distance and pace over the next two weeks.  
time for my 5km was 32:15  with an avg heart rate of 133     ---   nice and easy!   

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