Sunday, May 24, 2015

Slowly goes it

I started slowly training last week.   Making sure that I kept to easy paces and didnt go pushing my self.   Its normally hard holding back, but my fittness is down so it was pretty much the best I could do anyhow.

Tuesday -  I went to the track and opted to do the same 4km that Kay was doing.   My goal was to let my body set the pace and then try to match that kilometer time for the other 3km.   I did pretty good.   Finding that 6:15 per km was my easy pace.   I felt good ticking along at this pace.  Total time for the 4km was 25.00

Thursday - Was going to walk with Shane tonight but when I got home a storm hit and no way can you train in that.   So I decided I would use the treadmill.   Boy was that ever a botch up.  I walked in to find the treadmill locked at its highest incline.   Great, some muppet has jammed it and left it.  So I turned it off at the wall and let the treadmill reset.   Turned it on and it lowered back to what should be 0 incline.   But some one has also screwed in the feet at the back of the treadmill... GGGGRRRRRR.... so when I went to start my walk I nearly shot off the back as it was such an angle.   I ended up pressing it to as low as it would go....-2 incline and it was still about a 1% incline.  I decided I should be able to walk with it like that.   I had to work pretty hard to keep at the top of the treamill.  Each time I relaxed I would find myself at the end and nearly off.  By 5km I was pretty knackered.  32.46 was my time.

Friday I woke with a very sore Left Glute/Hammy.  I spent the day nursing it and hoped it will be ok for a short walk on Saturday

Saturday -  I just headed out along the walk way for a 5km walk.  It was a little brisk and windy this morning and my glute was still bugging me.  It did settle down eventually but I was worried that I had done more to it.  I didnt have as much up and go today.  Body feeling the effects of the gentle walks already,  my legs were aching (which is normal)  but for some reason my upper abs were feeling really sore???  I was not sure about this cause when I finished my walk and squeezed in my abs it didnt hurt.   But taking a deep breath stretching up my rib cage made my abs kinda hurt.   Will investigate when I get home.   2nd half of my walk was much quicker and I am now tryind to add 1km at a faster pace.   Which I did for my 4th km (6:11)  the rest were about 6:25 ish.  Total time for 5km was 31.56

I have now found what was hurting my ribcage.   I could feel like hard veins in my tummy and wondered what on earth they were.   Turns out that I have a small complication from my surgery called Mondors Cord.   Its when the surgery causes irritations to the veins and you get small clots in the.   The veins get inflamed and hurt.   Does go away after a few weeks.  Its just annoying and tender.

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