Thursday, May 07, 2015

First walk back since Bangkok

I am not able to racewalk with speed for 4 weeks.  But I am able to walk normally for a week and then next week I can do a brisk walk.  

I was hanging out so badly to walk tonight.  I have wanted to walk all week but as I have been ill with a nasty gastro bug, I have not been able to.   Walking is my stress relief and I adore walking with my hubby, as we talk about everything.   Its our undistracted time and we make the most of it.

So tonight we just wandered along the walk way and enjoyed watching the sun set.  Plus we were passed by Kay, Deb and Paul who were out doing their 8km.....(you have no idea how much I wanted to walk after them)

But no matter how slow we were.... I got to stretch my legs for 5km and it felt wonderful.   In the weekend we will go for a walk around emerald lakes.  

5km in 45 mins .... nice and easy.

For those that are curious - I have decided to share a before and after photo wearing the same sports crop top.    See if you can spot the difference.   :D

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Glennis said...

There is certainly some nice lift and better cleavage. Looks great.