Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 x 500m then a quick relay

What a fantastic way to finish up my last speed session.  Tonight I just flew!!!!  My style came together perfectly and I was fast!!!! and legal!!!!

It was such a mega crazy morning for me at work ... I didnt know if I was coming or going for most of it.   I have finished my first week of the Optislims and was thrilled to weigh in this morning and find I am exactly 4kg lighter .... think that also helped with being so speedy tonight.  I just felt awesome today!!!!

Got to the track and warmed up with everyone....then we waited for Robyn to decided what her squad was going to do.... 5 x 500m and then after we were going to have a relay race.   There were 10 of us so we had two teams of 5 ... each were to go through 4 times over 100m

The 500's - I set out at a nice pace...stretched my legs out and let every thing flow nicely - I was not pushing HARD,  maybe about 90% effort.  It was feeling nice and easy, which amazed me.   Maybe the weight loss???

1st - 2:43
2nd - 2:41
3rd - 2:42
4th - 2:40
5th - 2:40

For me thats nice and quick and I am super happy with that.

Then we all lined up for the relay and I must say that Robyn set us up in order so well that for 90% of it we were pretty much neck and neck with each other... and it was so much fun.  Especially watching Denise and Bridie really step up with the speed and surprise us all with just how quick they could really go over 100m.... and how GREAT they looked doing it!!

5 x 500m data

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