Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nice relaxing week of training

I am in my wind it down phase now.

Tuesday I met Kay at the walkway and we did 8km together and a nice easy pace for me and semi brisk for her.

Thursday, Paul and Deb joined us for our usual 8km and we all chatted away while doing that...its so nice having a group to walk with.

Today is Saturday and pretty much my last walk by myself along the walk way for a few weeks now.  So I headed out and just took my time so that I could enjoy it.   But I found I was really lacking energy and while my heart rate was realitivly low, it was still a bit harder than it looked.  I am pleased that I went out but looking back wish I had just tried to have gone further.

I am really hoping it will only be 4 weeks until I can start walking again...and even then it will be at a sedate pace.   Not sure how I will cope mentally with doing nothing at all for 4 weeks.

Thanks to all who have followed me .... this is a little sidetrack in my journey.

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