Saturday, January 31, 2015

10km along broadbeach

Today I decided to sleep in!!!!   it lasted about 30mins and as I was still wide awake and sweating from the heat, I figured I may as well be out side sweating and getting fitter.

I had missed the start of park run but that was ok.  I really wanted to do a longer walk today and had planned on a good solid 8km.   Turned out I felt much better than I first gave my self credit for and I did 10km.

There must have been a Surf Club event on today too as there were so so many different surf rescue groups.   At one time there would have been a good 50 people paddling out in the water heading out to the two large bouys out at sea.   Was quite interesting to watch and I kept walking back and forth.  I hate hedges ave with passion so today I decided to just go up and down on the walk way.  Its a measured 2km so its pretty easy to do so.  I did find that the last km of the walk way was under shade so when I hit 7km I turned back so that I could finish most of my walk in the shade.  

I stopped twice for water as it was getting very hot and humid.  Plus I was finding that as I looked down at the my watch and then back up to see, I would get a little light headed.   A sure sign of dehydration if ever there was.

I felt really good today....much stronger than last weekend and I managed to keep up a pretty good solid pace for the whole walk.   Doing a 1:02:16 for an avg pace of 6:14

Fitness is preserving nicely.  Plus I got home and did my squat and ab challenge.  Up to doing a minute plank (stop laughing!!!! thats a lot for me)

10 km data

Thursday, January 29, 2015

4km kick down

I was planning on doing 8km tonight.   WAS!!!!!'

But after working all day in our rat infested container moving all our archived filing into big plastic bins..... my back was totally screwed.   Infact I could barely stand up straight with out little electric shocks shooting down my legs.  Guessing lifting 52litre bins above my head was not my best plans, but I didnt really get much choice as the boss said it had to be done by 5pm tonight.  So done it was!!!!

anyhow.... I digress ...

I pulled up at the walkway and its a little breezy.  I do a couple of stretches and then just decide to warm up along the way.  The first km was just painful!!!! muscular wise..... as I got further it did feel better so at 2km I decided to turn back and just try to improve each km and end up with a short kick down.

1 6:15.8
2 6:10.9
3 6:10.9
4 5:54.6                           

I prob should have pushing a little harder at 3km but I am happy with this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 x 500m track session

I got up this morning and walked 4.5 km with Shane (my stupid watch took forever to lock in to a satellite so it only shows 3.5km) I really enjoy walking with him in the morning, takes me a while to wake up and we have some great chats along the way.   But I know that I need to go back to r/w in the morning again to boost up my kms each week.  Plus I did my squats and abs challenge when we got home.

Tonight is speed night at the track.   I was thinking of a 5km fartlek but when I got there Robyn had set all the seniors to do 10 x 500m and I figured.....what the hell...its still 5km.  I was not feeling that "fast" tonight.  Was great to see Paul there tonight so I knew he would help pull me along.

For the first 4 - I lead out but then I said to Paul he can lead out as I felt I was holding him up.  He did take off for the next couple but soon evened back to closer to my times.  I knew I was getting tired cause a couple of times I totally stuffed up my watch pressing stop not lap.... but I know what each 500 was so its easy enough to work it out.     Seems I avg about 2:40 per 500m and I am good with that.  We did 5min blocks so after a 500m we rested for 2:20 and then would go again.  My legs didnt end up too dead, I just seemed to be a bit tired today.  Still very happy to avg these for them all.  Pretty consistent I think.


My heart rate was rather steady today too.  So I am slowly getting fitter.              

10 x 500m data 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 km - Felt fantastic and NO PAIN!!!

Todays walk was fan-freckn-tastic!!!

The park run was canceled due to flooding and so I figured that I would head out and do my first long session.   I had intended to walk to the 5km and then back home which would give me about 10km.  So 10km it was to be!

The rain has just stopped and its pretty muggy out.  Temps are still down which is good.  I decided to do and out and back and go up hedges ave.....dont like it much up there and sure enough when I leveled out at near my turn point the road was so rough that I turned back early.

While yes I was slow, I was not snail pace either.   I was concentrating on style - kinda like my early morning 5km walks...... easy on the speed and get the body moving right.  Really working to get my hips to come round and lengthen my stride.   Its tiring as I am not used to working it like that - but my ab work that I have been doing is paying off and I managed well today.  Plus th protein shakes I have started having seem to be really working well as I have not felt flat for while when training.

I have plenty of time to work on speed and I have said for awhile now that for too long it was a main focus and drive in my training and it just wrecked my body.  I have also started doing weights 3 nights a week at home and each morning I have been doing the Ab and Glute Challenge.  Took a week to settle the legs and get used to all the extra stuff but I am now starting to feel the gains from it.  I feel stronger in my core and can feel that when I walk.

So again I have to say a "thankyou" to Dave Smith for the time he spent down in the GC going through the basics with us all at the track.  For the little extra time he gave me and the patience he gave me as I slowly twigged to what he was saying and explaining.   I still hear what he was saying in my head as I walk and I know it has helped me immensely- my reason for saying this thankyou is especially more important today because today I walked 10km and had NO PAIN anywhere.  This is probably a first for me in over a year.  I felt strong the whole walk.  

Time was 1:03:36  for an avg pace of 6:21  (slow but steady and I am totally ok with that)

10km walk

Thursday, January 22, 2015

5km easy at the track

After doing a good squat session last night and also doing my squat and abs challenge this legs were feeling rather sore.

I enjoyed walking with Shane this morning and today we walked 300m further in the same time.  Came home and mixed up a protein shake for breakfast and headed off for work.

Today I had to zip out at lunch time to have some shading tattoo'd into my tattoo - this will help the lazer blast out the old green ink.   God I hope so as it feels so weird to get something put back in while I want to get it off.

I headed to the track after work and had it pour down on the way.  I really really really hate driving in rain over here.  Its never gentle rain...its always bucket down - cant see road markings or the car infront of you stuff...... yuck yuck yuck.   So I knew I was going to get wet tonight.   I met Kay track side - she was keen to do about 4km so I thought I would walk with her for 4km and then do at least 1 km on my own.  By the time it came for me to pick up the pace for my own time I was soaked to the bone and starting to shiver and feel very cold.  So I opted to quit at 5km.

1 6:40.3
2 6:49.8
3 6:54.9
4 6:56.1
5 5:59.1                           

Total time 33.20   Not too far off my normal morning times for 5km.

So far this week I have managed to eat under my allotted kj total - fingers crossed this stubborn weight will start to slowly melt away.   I hope to drop 5kg in the next few months.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 x 1km speed session at the track

RIGHT HO!!!!!   Its time to get serious and start firing up the engines again.

well on that note, the mind is willing the body complaining LOL.... but I did find that having a protein shake at lunch time was a HUGE help today and I didnt get that empty tank feeling.

Tonight was 5 x 1 km for the seniors,  3 x 1 km for the juniors and 2 x 800m for the lil juniors.

I was expecting to struggle a little and be fairly slow.  But I surprised myself, I was alittle slow but I didnt struggle.  I gave it my all and am happy with the results.  My legs are feeling a little fatigued from the cross training I am doing and the morning walks so with that as well.... I did pretty good.


As I have had a couple of weeks off and am known for not having much on the fast twitch - I am happy with that for a first hit out.   I can only but improve on this hey.

5 x 1km data

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 - another year and another start

Wow.....2015 I didn't see you sneak up on me there.

I am really thrilled to say that this year has started of perfectly.   I have my family back together again!!!   My daughter Shakara and my son Kayne are back speaking again and we are all connecting regularly.  I am getting photos and videos of my Grandson most days and they just warm my heart and make every day that much brighter.

Shane and I zipped back across to New Zealand for Xmas and I spent most of my time racing around the country side catching up with as many friends and family that I could.  It was hectic but wonderful and everyone who knows me ... knows that I relished in it.   One of the most important parts of my trip was to spend time with my Grandmother and I managed to see her three times and for that I will be forever grateful as I am very sure it was to be my last.   Sitting with my head on her lap and her stroking my hair I made sure I told her how important she was to me and how much I loved and admired her.  Saying everything to her that I needed her to hear and know.

I even snuck in a club race while in Nelson.....of course it would have to be the most hilly course they have and it darn near killed me!!!   I did though enjoy a two week break from walking and am now feeling refreshed and ready to get back into it.  I still need to sit down and decide what my goals will be this year and work out a training program to achieve them.  I have started doing weights again and am really enjoying that.

I even managed a quick trip back up to Cairns to spend time with Archer...... not that I needed too much of a push to go.  Archer is just finding his voice and I adored snuggling him and talking to him.  He really is just perfect.   He will certainly be a very  dotted on wee grandson as he will get all my attention :D

so to those who still read this.... My training will start up this week.

Track was 2 x 1500m and 1 x 1km  at 85%    my times were 8.29     8.27     and 5.42
I am happy with that.   Now to shed about 4 kg that has crept on over xmas and I will be on track for a good year of racing.