Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 x 1km speed session at the track

RIGHT HO!!!!!   Its time to get serious and start firing up the engines again.

well on that note, the mind is willing the body complaining LOL.... but I did find that having a protein shake at lunch time was a HUGE help today and I didnt get that empty tank feeling.

Tonight was 5 x 1 km for the seniors,  3 x 1 km for the juniors and 2 x 800m for the lil juniors.

I was expecting to struggle a little and be fairly slow.  But I surprised myself, I was alittle slow but I didnt struggle.  I gave it my all and am happy with the results.  My legs are feeling a little fatigued from the cross training I am doing and the morning walks so with that as well.... I did pretty good.


As I have had a couple of weeks off and am known for not having much on the fast twitch - I am happy with that for a first hit out.   I can only but improve on this hey.

5 x 1km data

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Tammy said...

Great job! I don't think those are slow at all :). You go, girl! :)