Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 km - Felt fantastic and NO PAIN!!!

Todays walk was fan-freckn-tastic!!!

The park run was canceled due to flooding and so I figured that I would head out and do my first long session.   I had intended to walk to the 5km and then back home which would give me about 10km.  So 10km it was to be!

The rain has just stopped and its pretty muggy out.  Temps are still down which is good.  I decided to do and out and back and go up hedges ave.....dont like it much up there and sure enough when I leveled out at near my turn point the road was so rough that I turned back early.

While yes I was slow, I was not snail pace either.   I was concentrating on style - kinda like my early morning 5km walks...... easy on the speed and get the body moving right.  Really working to get my hips to come round and lengthen my stride.   Its tiring as I am not used to working it like that - but my ab work that I have been doing is paying off and I managed well today.  Plus th protein shakes I have started having seem to be really working well as I have not felt flat for while when training.

I have plenty of time to work on speed and I have said for awhile now that for too long it was a main focus and drive in my training and it just wrecked my body.  I have also started doing weights 3 nights a week at home and each morning I have been doing the Ab and Glute Challenge.  Took a week to settle the legs and get used to all the extra stuff but I am now starting to feel the gains from it.  I feel stronger in my core and can feel that when I walk.

So again I have to say a "thankyou" to Dave Smith for the time he spent down in the GC going through the basics with us all at the track.  For the little extra time he gave me and the patience he gave me as I slowly twigged to what he was saying and explaining.   I still hear what he was saying in my head as I walk and I know it has helped me immensely- my reason for saying this thankyou is especially more important today because today I walked 10km and had NO PAIN anywhere.  This is probably a first for me in over a year.  I felt strong the whole walk.  

Time was 1:03:36  for an avg pace of 6:21  (slow but steady and I am totally ok with that)

10km walk

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