Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 - another year and another start

Wow.....2015 I didn't see you sneak up on me there.

I am really thrilled to say that this year has started of perfectly.   I have my family back together again!!!   My daughter Shakara and my son Kayne are back speaking again and we are all connecting regularly.  I am getting photos and videos of my Grandson most days and they just warm my heart and make every day that much brighter.

Shane and I zipped back across to New Zealand for Xmas and I spent most of my time racing around the country side catching up with as many friends and family that I could.  It was hectic but wonderful and everyone who knows me ... knows that I relished in it.   One of the most important parts of my trip was to spend time with my Grandmother and I managed to see her three times and for that I will be forever grateful as I am very sure it was to be my last.   Sitting with my head on her lap and her stroking my hair I made sure I told her how important she was to me and how much I loved and admired her.  Saying everything to her that I needed her to hear and know.

I even snuck in a club race while in Nelson.....of course it would have to be the most hilly course they have and it darn near killed me!!!   I did though enjoy a two week break from walking and am now feeling refreshed and ready to get back into it.  I still need to sit down and decide what my goals will be this year and work out a training program to achieve them.  I have started doing weights again and am really enjoying that.

I even managed a quick trip back up to Cairns to spend time with Archer...... not that I needed too much of a push to go.  Archer is just finding his voice and I adored snuggling him and talking to him.  He really is just perfect.   He will certainly be a very  dotted on wee grandson as he will get all my attention :D

so to those who still read this.... My training will start up this week.

Track was 2 x 1500m and 1 x 1km  at 85%    my times were 8.29     8.27     and 5.42
I am happy with that.   Now to shed about 4 kg that has crept on over xmas and I will be on track for a good year of racing.

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