Thursday, January 22, 2015

5km easy at the track

After doing a good squat session last night and also doing my squat and abs challenge this legs were feeling rather sore.

I enjoyed walking with Shane this morning and today we walked 300m further in the same time.  Came home and mixed up a protein shake for breakfast and headed off for work.

Today I had to zip out at lunch time to have some shading tattoo'd into my tattoo - this will help the lazer blast out the old green ink.   God I hope so as it feels so weird to get something put back in while I want to get it off.

I headed to the track after work and had it pour down on the way.  I really really really hate driving in rain over here.  Its never gentle rain...its always bucket down - cant see road markings or the car infront of you stuff...... yuck yuck yuck.   So I knew I was going to get wet tonight.   I met Kay track side - she was keen to do about 4km so I thought I would walk with her for 4km and then do at least 1 km on my own.  By the time it came for me to pick up the pace for my own time I was soaked to the bone and starting to shiver and feel very cold.  So I opted to quit at 5km.

1 6:40.3
2 6:49.8
3 6:54.9
4 6:56.1
5 5:59.1                           

Total time 33.20   Not too far off my normal morning times for 5km.

So far this week I have managed to eat under my allotted kj total - fingers crossed this stubborn weight will start to slowly melt away.   I hope to drop 5kg in the next few months.

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