Sunday, May 29, 2011

20km Australian Masters Road Champs

RACE DAY!! it was meant to be 16degs and sunny. was about 10 degs and cold!!!! It was also my Dad's birthday today and I really wanted to do well for him.

I had no pain in my back but the pain in my feet was back again and they were feeling pretty sore this morning. We got to Albert Park at 8.30am just as Jim was arriving...meeting my coach for the first time and I was rather nervous. We went off to warm up for the race and for Jim to check me out. It is pretty sad when you only get out 4 steps and Jim's going ok stop right there........oh oh.........sure enough...I was doing lots wrong. So we went over the things he saw and I tried hard to adjust to them. Now it was David's turn and sure enough he got the same treatment!! lol so we head to the start line and I am nervous and possum eyed, there were so many walkers.

The gun goes off and we are away. I felt great and Jim said after the race that I look totally different when I race to when I warm up....but he did notice that I "sat" again...not as bad as before but I was still doing it. I passed David and headed off after Heather Carr and caught and passed her by 2km. My km splits were pretty quick and I did wonder if I had gone out a little too quick but I carried on and kept up the pace. I went through the 5km in 28:08 ( a new pb) and through the 10km in 57.38 ( another new pb) but my 10th km the pace had dropped and I was struggling a little. I also noticed that Heather was gaining on me again. At 14km I tried to pick up the pace as I could really feel that I had dropped off pace, my back was hurting but the worst was the pain in my feet and down the sides of my legs. I HURT 15km Jim called out that I was still on pace for a 1:56 just pick it up a little he asked. Well I tried but ended up getting slower. I literary had gotten a flat tyre. I had no drive and my pace was creeping up to 6km pace. I pushed on and was bouyed by my Dad and Jo-Anne cheering me on. I gritted my teeth and thought come on dig it in......but try as hard as I could I just couldnt get the pace to pick up. (I know now why) David was also struggling and we would encourage each other when we passed down the lanes, at one point I thought he had pulled but no...he was struggling with stomach pains. It was no only 2 km to go.......and I was going so slow...I was so frustrated at I always have a strong and fast finish. Normally picking up the pace for the last 3km easily.

I still had Heather in my sights but she was too far away for me to gain much on her. She beat me by a minute and gained herself a new world record in her age group. When I rounded that last corner I gave it all I could and crossed the line in 1:57:26 Winning me GOLD and an aussie title.

this is a new PB for me and I know that once I get my Psoas sorted out that I could have had a good crack at 1:55:?? that is now my goal for Sacramento.

the next best news......................NO marks on the dq board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just one warning on the course. Whoop whoop.......

After the race Jim came back to Dad and Jo-Annes and went over the race with me. He said that he could see that with my sitting the issue is with my Psoas and he gave me lots of exercises to do to help stretch and strengthen it. Plus my glutes are not working. He was generally pleased with my walk but wants to see a change in my Psoas. He even gave me a quick sports massage after the walk on a table outside the club rooms............OUCH..............I am sure I will be bruised tomorrow, but once he had done it he noticed a difference in how I stood. So I have lots of work a head of me.

the splits in the gps are wrong. I just let it read its on every km but they were out by lots.

20km Australian Masters Road Champs

Saturday, May 28, 2011

4km stride out by kyisis

Have had a great day. Melbourne was a little cold this morning but it looks like it will be fantastic weather for tomorrows race.

My dad and Joanne took me into Melbourne so I could check out the course, its really nice and flat. Will make for an exciting race for sure. We stopped off at the market and did a little shopping. :) My Dad and Joanne brought me an awesome cabin bag with WHEELS...yay .. no more lugging bags around.

Once we got home, it was have a snack lunch and then I went out and walked around the lake for my 4km stride felt nice and easy....but I see my time was pretty quickish.

My back pain has gone totally.....although I am not sure that is a good thing as with lugging around my carry on luggage for two hours....I think that compressed my back again as once I sat down for the Auckland to Melbourne flight the pain was there in my feet for the whole is still in my feet but I am totally fine with that as I know I can walk with it like that. Will address this once back in NZ with the physio.

really excited about my race tomorrow.

4km stride out by kyisis

Thursday, May 26, 2011

5km fartlek at the track

I went to physio today and was told that everything happening with my back is normal and very good. She was very happy that my back is hurting more as it means that the pain has moved up from my feet and back into my spine....she is confident that in the next day or two it will go completely. She also got very hands on with my Psoas as that had gone tight again but this time we both felt it release.

I went to the track and was nervous of how I would go. It was only a short 5km fartlek but with a sore psoas and back....hmmmm what would I be able to do.

The weather was packing in again and I really hoped to get it all done before the rain started.

I started out and felt good. I had a good rhythm going and there were no pains. I looked at my time and thought wow that was fast......I think that was my fastest 1 km yet???

I carried on with fast and slow.....everything was feeling good but I noticed a niggle in my back on the 4th km and when I started the fast 500m on that km the psoas started hurting me I slowed up. I did try to finish nice and strong on my last 500m but I was out of ommfff by then.

but I am very pleased with my effort time was 27:33

1 km - 5:06
2km - 2:59 / 2:31
3km - 3:00 / 2:34
4th - 3:02 / 2:37
5th - 3:04 / 2:36

5km fartlek at the track

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

12km out and back - Monaco

Ok......not wanting to rant here ... BUT ... my back HURTS!!!! or more my Right leg hurts from nerve right knee and right hip feel like I am getting electric shock therepy.

I am trying to be positive and as my PT told shows the pain is moving and that is a good thing..... but 4 days out from a big race!!!!! this is so NOT FAIR!!!

So my walk today was AWFUL......I felt great for the first 3km and then the pains started...first in my right hip and then it would zing my hip and shoot out in my 8km I was struggling to walk....I was not able to lock my right knee due to pain. By the time I got home I was angry and sore.....there were many swear words ... and yes there were tears!!!! tears of frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have done so well and come so far.....have put so much work into my training...... and now this................

it SUCKS~~~

so time for my walk was 1:16

and now I am off back to the Sports Clinic to see what is going on....

12km out and back - Monaco

Monday, May 23, 2011

5 x 1km track @ 85%

I had another session at the Sports Clinic today. She is happy with how things are progressing........I am not.....but only cause its hurting. She did warn me that the pain would move up my legs and it right knee hurts ALL the time.....even when laying down, so it kept me awake most of last night. But she was pleased at the progress, she also had a good go at my left knee. She could feel that my posterior ligament was very tight and was stopping my knee from locking. So she worked on releasing this and did get a small amount of movement back. Lucky for me todays work out was an easy one as she didnt want me over doing it.

So today was 5 x 1km at 85% with a 3 min recovery. I got to the track and found that I had forgotten my heart strap...after all the drama of the morning...I was not going back home for it. So I used my breathing, my body and whether I was pushing hard or not. I found I had to keep easing back on the pace as I would naturally just get quicker.

I found this one really easy wind and high it wasnt to hot.

total time 27:41


Saturday, May 21, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I was not feeling to confident about my walk today. I had spent all day yesterday doing back stretches every two hours and sitting up right in an office chair for the the time I went to bed my lower back was just aching. I woke up at 7.30 and decided to take some anti flam and went back to bed for a little bit longer.

I decided I could procrastinate any longer and got up. I thought I would wear my new top to try it out. That turned out to be a wrong thing to do. It is the best top I have ever worn...I didnt over heat once, even when it did get hot with temp up to 18degs I still felt cool. Only trouble is the top is designed to pull sweat away from the body...but my patches with the logos on are made of cotton they got soaked with sweat and some of the fresh printed logos have run. So I will have to redo them.

So back to the walk......I decided that I wouldnt look at my watch at all today. That I would just walk at a pace my body felt good at. Once I got started and warmed up ... I felt great. I settled into a good pace, I was not breathing hard and was not pushing hard to keep the pace steady. Around the 3km spot I hit stop as an old work colleague was biking towards me and stopped to catch up. I carried on and noticed that I was getting alot more attention to what I normally do....I guess the logos really stand out on my shirt. I heard my watch chirp for the 10km and I stopped my watch again to have a stretch. The physio said that she wanted me to do 10 back stretches at the 10km mark and I new I needed them too as not long after the 9km mark I started getting pains in my hamstrings...which she said I would. So after the stretch I headed back for home. I did feel much better too. I was still feeling good, was not breathing hard and felt like I could have chatted to someone if I had company.

As I came up Beatson Road, I turned my watch back around on my wrist so I would see the display when I got to the I would only have 1km to go. I gave the watch a quick glance but figured I must have read it wrong. I pushed for the last km and stopped my watch.........I had to look twice to see I had read it properly. I had not intended to beat any of my other 20km times nor had I wanted to go pushing myself today either and I dont feel that I did. I stuck to a comfortable pace.

total time for today 2:01:08

20km out and back - monaco

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank You to my Sponsors

I want to take a moment to thank my sponsors.  With out them I would not be attending two events.  My first being the Australian Masters 20km Road Champs on May 29th and the second being The World Masters Track & Field on July 3 - July 18th

Health 2000 Ltd
Bio Paints Ltd
Thelin Construction Ltd
Exide Batteries Ltd
Sports Therepy Nelson
McLay Auto Electrical Ltd
ET Engineering Ltd
Nelspecs Nelson Ltd

Today I spent the day sewing and making up all the logos for the above and then sewing them onto my new shirt.  One of my sponsors brought me an Icebreaker Shirt to train in and I love it!!!!

So my part of the deal is to wear this shirt every time I train....and I will also wear it when I go out and about most of the time for casual wear.  Any medals that I win...Health 2000 Ltd will display them in their store and I will also be putting a big THANK YOU into the local paper for all of my sponsors.

So I offer a heart felt   THANK YOU!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 x 1km on the track

It is so windy today.....I thought it was bad on Tuesday but today really let rip!!! Looking on the weather site it said GUSTY S/W 35km with gusts of 50km.

I walked around the track and unlocked all the rails but two of the rails didn't have padlocks so I had to hope they would stay open.....they didn't!!

I started out and was instantly blown down the back straight and got to the 200m in 57secs but when I rounded to the home straight I had to really punch into the head wind and it took me 1min 10 to get that 100m done.......and it remained like this for the whole work out. When I stopped for my first km I had to quickly walk up to the next rail and push it back open again....I found a stick and put that into the lock hole and that did keep it open and out of my way....until the 6th km when there was a huge gust of wind and it pushed the rail open snapping the stick and of course this happened just as I was walking past it so I had to duck across the track and jump the lower part of the rail or it would have hit me right at shin level.

Some of the gusts pushed me around on the track with a couple of times nearly pushing me off the track on the corners and feeling like I was walking at normal walk pace while walking into it!!! But it was not was the same temp as the other day but not so much wind chill this time....but still cool enough that I did keep my long sleeve on. I would have liked to have done all the 1kms at 5.20 or less....but with the wind I figured keeping them under 5:30 would be ok....and I did manage that all bar 1km which was the gusty one with the rail being blown around.

so here are my km times


8 x 1km on the track

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10km on treadmill

i woke up at 2am.....lay there like a possum until 4.30am.............I was sneezing and having to blow my nose, I didnt feel to flash at all. All through the day I was feeling more and more tired with achey muscles. I refuse to get a cold. So I started chewing vit C tablets and drinking more water. I got home and even though the thermometer says its 16 degs out side it sure didnt feel like it as we now have a nice layer of snow on the surrounding hills and the chill in the air was pretty cold.

I got hold of my coach and ran it past him. I had 15km recovery walk to do and I didnt not want to do it....I just was worried this close to Melbourne would I be risking more by being out side. Its possible that my throat is sore and my nose running from all the wind in yesterday workout...but.....if not..... so Jim said 10km on the treadmill. I also had been feeling very light headed all day, feeling faint when was while I was chatting on the phone to Jim that I took notice of my heart he had called just as I was dressed to go out for my heart strap was on and watch was resting heart rate while talking on the phone was 42bpm......hmmmm that really does seem very low............

So treadmill it was to be and so that is what I did. I put on the music channel on the TV, cranked up the fan and set the speed to 10km/hr and I stuck to that until 5km and then slowed it down for a little bit as I was not feeling too good.....head was aching and I was feeling a little light headed....but by about 8km I had settled again so I put it back up to 10km/hr.

Total time for 10km on treadmill is 60:33 with avg heart rate of 132

I also jumped on the scales this morning and was surprised to see I have reached my goal weight for Sacramento. I have lost 8kg since December when I started to up my training and watch what I the trick will be to maintain it and not lose any more!!!

10km on treadmill

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10km Fartlek at the Track

It is major windy!!!!!  the track is not sheltered at all............ GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Ok so I had my wee tantrum in the car ... sucked it up and just got one with it.

Weather forecase was for GUSTY westerly winds of 26km/hr .... Oh joy ..... plus it was blowing down my the mountains and it was cold.  Yes the sun was out and it was nice and toasty when you were out of the wind.  But I also knew that after two laps for a warm up I was going to end up stripping off before long and sure enough 2km in and I am ripping my top off while doing a recovery.....much to the delight of the construction workers. 

So I had a full on head wind coming up the home straight and a back wind going away.....sigh..... first km I was holding back a little as I knew this work out was going to drain me and quickly.  So it was done in 5:18 then I tried to be fairly consistent.  There was no thinking of keeping recoveries to under 3mins as by 3km the wind had really picked up and I was struggling to walk at all into it...let alone with any speed.    But as per always...for as much as I hate this type of is over with pretty quickly and you feel so good once its done.  

I managed to keep my fast 500m to between 2:42 to 2:49 
and my recovery 500m to between 3:01 to 3:06

Total time for the 10km fartlek was that wind I am very happy with that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

6km out and back Atawahi - ouch

Today was my 12km fartlek day.  But I woke up with a sore neck and a very stiff back.  So back to the chiropractor.   I rang and got an appointment today so that meant juggling my walks.  So I swapped my 10km for my 12km fartlek.

The only problem with this is that by the time I got home from work my back was really sore.  So I figured I would try to do 10km but if it was too bad I would turn back.

I started out and after 100m I felt pace picked up and I was thinking....this is going to be ok.  I got to the 2.5 km mark and thought that I can keep going and try for the 10km, but not much further on I felt the first ping in my back by the time I reached 3km it was hurting.  I had sharp pains centre back and down  my legs.  So I turned back and eased up on the pace.

So total time for 6km was 35:30...which in its self is a good time.....just it hurt.  I am hoping the chiro will fix me again.

data link - garmin site is not posting to blogger at the moment.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I woke up today with a very stiff sore back. It was just muscular but it was sore. I put some antiflam gel on my lower back before starting out.

I took it easy on the first km and then slowed up on the down hill of Beastons Road. I was feeling good every where else but my back was still sore and when I reached the 5km mark I nearly turned around to come back home again. But it was such a beautiful day out with no rain or wind that I didnt want to waste it either. I carried on and reached the 10km turn...I stopped and had a stretch and then turned for home. I popped out on to the motor way and ahead of me I saw two walkers fair steaming towards me. As they got closer I recognized the racewalk styles and saw that it was Raylene and Sharon. So I stopped to chat....(yay, as I really needed to stop)...we are all meeting tomorrow at the track and they are going to do their first 3km fartlek. We said our good byes and I carried on to home. I passed the Honest Lawyer and came close to just stopping and calling Shane to come and get me. By now my back was very sore. I knew it was muscle pain...not an I made sure I took great care with my style and just slowed right up.

I got home and Shane rubbed some ice gel on my back for me and as I type this he is making me some scrambled eggs for lunch. I am so lucky to have such a supportive hubby!!

So total time was 2:06:36 very slow.......I still have one more 20km to walk before my race in be honest...I dont want to do it but I know I have to. I really dont want to be this slow the week before a race.

20km out and back - monaco

10km - chased by "Jim"

Just a 10km recovery walk.....nothing flash in my time but I did have one of my funniest moments ever.

As I was heading back up Beatson Road, I saw ahead of me a lady and her son feeding about 5 or 6 hens on the side of the road. As I walked past them I suddenly heard the lady call out...."quick grab Jim....quick grab Jim, he's after that lady!!!!" I turned about and saw JIM............a two foot orange rooster!!!! and he was making a fast bee line for I picked up the pass and took off up the hill with Jim and the boy chasing after me. The boy caught Jim and took him flapping angrily back to his harem of hens......leaving me giggling to my self all the way home.

For those that dont coach is Jim and it was just so funny that was also the name of the rooster.

10km - chased by "Jim"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

3km, 2x 2km & 2 x 500m

Track today and the good news was the storm that came through last night has blown through it is ended up a really hot sunny day. I cant believe that I am walking on the track mid may still in my shorts and track top. This time last year I was in long pants and long sleeves with hats and gloves.

Plus I had invited another walker down ( my old training partner who first started me out in my walking) Sharon. It was so good to have another walker on the track. I had some company and some one to chase on the track. Sharon started out ahead of me and I followed after her. I had the 3km then 2 x 2km and lastly 2 x 500m

I was feeling great today. My legs were a little tired from yesterdays walk but after a few laps to warm up..they freed up nicely.

My first km felt good but felt a little too quick but I carried on managed to keep the pace up for the rest of the 3km. I took my recovery and started out on my 2km again. My first km was again quick but I started to feel it and slowed down for my second km. I was catching sharon just before my 2km which was great. But the next 2km set was getting harder. I was feeling slow and sluggish....the price for going out way too fast. I tried to pick it up again for the last 2 500m.

Upon getting home and looking at my data I am realy shocked to see that my first 3km was done in 15:57. I had NO idea I had done my watch was still set on recorded kms and so I to press lap at the actual km mark and so my km splits were woggy to look at ... it didnt feel like I had gone quicker for the 3km splits.....must have been having some one to chase!!!

So this was a fantastic walk and one of my best ever!!!

3km - 5:20
- 5:19
- 5:18
2km - 5:20
- 5:32
2km - 5:39
- 5:39
500m - 2:42
500m - 2:39

3km, 2x 2km & 2 x 500m

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

15km out an back monaco

oh I was stiff when I started out. 15km was on the cards for today and I was keen to get this done. After a fast and hard track session I was not sure how I would fare on this walk. I wanted to try and keep my pace in check so that it was at recovery speed and to make sure my heart rate was around the 140 bpm. I started out along the track and wouldnt you guess started to rain. Not just a little rain but heavy rain. I only had my long sleeve top on and its not water proof at all. I thought that I might turn back at 5km and shorten todays walk to 10km.

I could feel my hips pulling as I was walking. I figured it was due to the down hill gradient and thought I would reassess it when I got onto the flat again. By the 5km mark it had stopped raining and my hips were feeling better. My legs felt much better today with only a few twinges here and there. As I reached the 7.5km mark I turned to head back home the rain came down again. It poured down with big puddles forming on the walkway again. I had slowed down a little bit as I felt that I was walking way to fast for a recovery walk. I was soaking wet and feeling cold....I just wanted to get home to a nice warm shower.

As I came to the underpass and the start of the up hill grind up over the motorway and then up Beatson Street. I actually felt like I had more energy and I power walked my way back up and over and then pushed hard for the last km along the walkway to home.

total time was 1:32:16 - turns out this was my fastest 15km today.........a little naughty really as I am meant to be taking it easy as I have a pretty tough track session again tomorrow.

15km out an back monaco

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

8km fartlek at the track

I have had two days off to rest my Psoas muscle. I have been having pains in my legs, glutes and feet and it all seems to be coming from my back and my Psoas. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and she tried to release it and also clicked my back a few times. I am not sure if it worked or not. Last night my feet were the most painful they have been perhaps it flared up a nerve?? My feet feel as if someone is running a flame up and down the outter sides. Hurts lots and it doesnt matter what position I put my feet on the ground or up on the couch. But ,....anyhow......its only two weeks til Melbourne and I am trying very hard to not focus on any of this and to just get through it.

So instead of a 12km kick down my coach suggested I do an 8km fartlek in stead. I decided to try doing this on the track and today I actually managed to find the 1500m and 100m marks so the splits are right.

The weather was perfect. It had been quite cold all morning with a light drizzle but when I got to the track the sun was out and it was about 12 degs. I warmed up as best I could. My feet were still cold and stiff but not much I could do about that. I started out and felt very stiff. I think I was a little nervous to push my hips too much. But my first km was pretty quick - 5:19

I would have liked to have had all my recovery splits under 3:00 but sadly that was not to be. By the 5km splits my legs felt like lead and I was quickly running out of momentum. Mentally I started to panic as I thought my Psoas was going again. I had no drive, my legs were hurting and my feet were so sore. I almost stopped when I saw my fast lap had jumped to 2:46 and I still have more to go. I didnt feel I was going to be able to finish. So as I went into my recovery lap I decided that I would not focus on my recovery time and I would just let my body recover...I managed to pick up my times a little on the next couple of fast laps. All in all it was a good 8km fartlek and one of my fastest 8km but my body felt awful. I need to figure out what is causing the pain in my feet.

1km = 5:19
slow = 2:58
fast = 2:36
slow = 3:00
fast = 2:41
slow = 3:05
fast = 2:42
slow = 2:57
fast = 2:46
slow = 3:04
fast = 2:43
slow = 3:07
fast = 2:44
slow = 3:07
fast = 2:42

total time 45:38

8km fartlek at the track

Saturday, May 07, 2011

20km out an back monaco - wet

I woke up today and I was sore. My legs felt like they had been stomped on!!! I cant understand why as I had done less km's this week than others?? Had I not recovered from the Quarter??? I have never had sore quads before and I am trying to figure out why I would have and how I could have hurt them???

Outside it was pouring....not just pouring rain but torrential pouring rain...the kind that your wipers in the car dont work with!!!!! yep I am going to get wet....very wet! I dug out my jacket and got dressed.

The first thing I noticed was the pain my quads....especially on my right leg as I lifted my leg to come through and lock and my left glute was letting me know it had been worked too. ugh...its not even a km and I have pains. I carried on hoping that once I warmed up the pains would go away. They were not bad enough pains to make me stop but they did concern me. I got to the 5km mark - by now I was totally soaked through. Puddles on the walkway were getting deeper and deeper, in fact I had not seen it this bad. The pains had pretty much gone away...I would get a twinge now and again. I think that I am trying too hard to change my left hip movement and it is buggering up the right I tried to just walk and not think too much about changing anything for the rest of it.

I got out to the 10km turn around and I was well and truly over the rain!! It had not eased up once but I was pleased there was no wind. I had been trying to walk around puddles, up along banks to avoid puddles and even weaving and snaking along the walkway between puddles but by the time I turned to come back it was pretty much flooded and there was no dodging any!!! in fact by now most puddles were small creeks and well over my ankles in depth...some puddles being 100m in length and it was so hard to continue race walking that in the end if I hit an area that flooded and that deep I just jogged through it.

I passed through 15km and didnt even bother to look at my watch. I already knew it was a disaster time wise and I was over caring by this stage. I was soaked and uncomfortable, with the water dripping down my neck into my jacket and down my sleeves to my elbows....every now and then I would straighten my arms and the water would drip from the sleeves. But on a positive note......I DIDNT MELT!!!!

I was so pleased to see home and hear my watch chirp for 20km. My legs felt like they had been through a wringer and my feet were hurting lots........(after taking my soggy shoes off, I had blisters all over my toes from wet socks!!!!) so I am taking a rest day tomorrow!!!!

total time was 2:08:35

20km out an back monaco - wet

Friday, May 06, 2011

12km out and back monaco

Its a overcast but muggy day. As I had missed doing a 15km this week I thought I should try to make it up. I chatted to Jim and we decided I should do 12km.

I got up and headed out to try and do some door knocking and get some sponsorship for my up coming trips. I got a few no's but I did get more ....come back on Monday and we will do something for you. Plus I got a cheque from a couple of places straight off. So my job for the weekend will be making the patches to sew onto my top.

I decided to take it easy today as it was a recovery walk and I have been doing these way too fast. Again I see my heart strap has played up again as it shows my heart spiking at ridiculous rates at places where there is no way that would happen. I have yet to go out and get a new battery as I am very hopeful that is what is causing this.......I dont even want to think that it could actually be ... my heart......

So this was a very slow and gentle walk. My quads are very sore and tight so it was nice to just slowly stretch out. I have 20km tomorrow and the club 6km walk in the after a busy day for me!.

total time was 1:16:47

12km out and back monaco - recovery

Thursday, May 05, 2011

3 x 2km, 1 x 1km & 2 x 500m

I hate this type of workout with passion. I dont really know why as its over with fairly quickly but I feel I dont do very well at it.

I was lucky with the weather today. It was meant to be raining still but instead it was muggy with low cloud and half way through the walk the sun came out and it got really hot.

I was feeling very stiff and sore and it took a couple of laps to warm up and get moving. My first km felt nice and solid but after that I slowly unwound and got slower and slower. My legs felt really pumped and heavy and I just had no "get up and go". It has been a big week for me and with lack of sleep on top of it I was feeling a little lackluster about it all.......but as we all know, race walking is therapeutic and by the end of the work out I was feeling better mentally.

so here is how I did today.

1st 2km = 10:47
2nd 2km = 11:01
3rd 2km = 11:16
1km = 5:35
1st 500 = 2:38
2nd 500 = 2:41

My heart rate was steady ... max up to 167

3 x 2km, 1 x 1km & 2 x 500m

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

10km treadmill

Well I had the day off yesterday...I was meant to do 15km but as it was the last day I would spend with Teagan and Katie-May, I was able to take it off. Of course I felt guilty as about not doing anything but I did really enjoy my time with them. I woke up at 2am to the sound of torrential rain and wind.......we were taking them to the air port at 6am and I was very worried that their flight might have been delayed or cancelled. Luck enough it wasnt and they all got away on time......but the weather was still roaring and there was no way I could walk in that wind.

As I had 10km for today I opted to do it on the treadmill. Its not my favorite option and I dont think my coach likes it much either.....but there was NO way I was taking another day off. The weather forcast is for this weather to stay like this for another 5 days!!!!! UGH!! I have a hard track session on for tomorrow and regardless of how bad it is it will have to be done on the track.

So to try and make it as close to a normal walk I adjusted my speed up and down from 10.00 km/hr to 10.05 km/hr and this gave me fluctuating km splits.

I think my heart strap is starting to fault - perhaps it needs a new battery as during the quarter it shot my heart rate up to over 180 and today it also spiked it at 178...which there is NO way I was working that hard. Mid 140s yes but not above 150's....

10km treadmill

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Video of the Shoe Clinic Quarter Marathon

My hubby was kind enough to bike around the course and take video and photos of this race.  Here is his video of the race.  Taken more so my coach can see my style and offer some much needed advice.

Nelson Shoe Clinic Quarter Marathon

I woke up to a perfect day for a race. High cloud, NO Frost and very mild/warm conditions. It was 11degs when I headed out for the race and 19degs when we finished.

I was nervous.....I was pacing around chatting to friends. I wanted the course record but it was a big ask. 1:01:36 was my target. 2 years ago I had walked this in 1:04. My coach was confident that I would get that easy and had joked that I would even go under the hour.........Yeah Right!!!!! was my reply. So I had this in the back on my mind as I waited for the race to get underway.

9:15am and we are off, first up I get held up by runners as they sort them selfs out. I look over on the bank and Shane is up there filming me but I zipped past before I could say anything to him. My first km bleeped off about 20m a head of the marker cones but it was pretty quick and I thought then I had better settle into a pace and soon as I still had to push up through the railway reserve. I hit the 5km mark in 27:58 and new then I was ahead of my time and was pleased that I had a small buffer. I knew that I had to hit the 10km cone in 58mins if I was to have a shot at the record and at this pace it was looking good.

I popped out on to the little walkway that is beside the motorway heading towards Monaco - it is narrow and not very nice underfoot and I was worried I would lose some time here. I had a couple of runners just a head of me and I had been slowly gaining on them, to their disgust I passed them at the 9km marker and continued to stay in front right to the end. As I rounded the big curve that leads you back up to the finish, I started pushing hard. I could see the 10km cone and I glanced at my watch as I went past - 56:57 I picked up the pace and when I was 100m out from the finish I saw the clock tick over to 59:00 and then I really pushed it and heard myself saying "come on come on".......I wanted to make it under the hour

Well I can say that there is a new course record and I have a new pb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total time was 59:52

I am so ready for Melbourne and Sacramento!!!!

Nelson Shoe Clinic Quarter Marathon