Monday, May 23, 2011

5 x 1km track @ 85%

I had another session at the Sports Clinic today. She is happy with how things are progressing........I am not.....but only cause its hurting. She did warn me that the pain would move up my legs and it right knee hurts ALL the time.....even when laying down, so it kept me awake most of last night. But she was pleased at the progress, she also had a good go at my left knee. She could feel that my posterior ligament was very tight and was stopping my knee from locking. So she worked on releasing this and did get a small amount of movement back. Lucky for me todays work out was an easy one as she didnt want me over doing it.

So today was 5 x 1km at 85% with a 3 min recovery. I got to the track and found that I had forgotten my heart strap...after all the drama of the morning...I was not going back home for it. So I used my breathing, my body and whether I was pushing hard or not. I found I had to keep easing back on the pace as I would naturally just get quicker.

I found this one really easy wind and high it wasnt to hot.

total time 27:41


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