Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 x 1km on the track

It is so windy today.....I thought it was bad on Tuesday but today really let rip!!! Looking on the weather site it said GUSTY S/W 35km with gusts of 50km.

I walked around the track and unlocked all the rails but two of the rails didn't have padlocks so I had to hope they would stay open.....they didn't!!

I started out and was instantly blown down the back straight and got to the 200m in 57secs but when I rounded to the home straight I had to really punch into the head wind and it took me 1min 10 to get that 100m done.......and it remained like this for the whole work out. When I stopped for my first km I had to quickly walk up to the next rail and push it back open again....I found a stick and put that into the lock hole and that did keep it open and out of my way....until the 6th km when there was a huge gust of wind and it pushed the rail open snapping the stick and of course this happened just as I was walking past it so I had to duck across the track and jump the lower part of the rail or it would have hit me right at shin level.

Some of the gusts pushed me around on the track with a couple of times nearly pushing me off the track on the corners and feeling like I was walking at normal walk pace while walking into it!!! But it was not was the same temp as the other day but not so much wind chill this time....but still cool enough that I did keep my long sleeve on. I would have liked to have done all the 1kms at 5.20 or less....but with the wind I figured keeping them under 5:30 would be ok....and I did manage that all bar 1km which was the gusty one with the rail being blown around.

so here are my km times


8 x 1km on the track

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