Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10km Fartlek at the Track

It is blowing........like major windy!!!!!  the track is not sheltered at all............ GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Ok so I had my wee tantrum in the car ... sucked it up and just got one with it.

Weather forecase was for GUSTY westerly winds of 26km/hr .... Oh joy ..... plus it was blowing down my the mountains and it was cold.  Yes the sun was out and it was nice and toasty when you were out of the wind.  But I also knew that after two laps for a warm up I was going to end up stripping off before long and sure enough 2km in and I am ripping my top off while doing a recovery.....much to the delight of the construction workers. 

So I had a full on head wind coming up the home straight and a back wind going away.....sigh..... first km I was holding back a little as I knew this work out was going to drain me and quickly.  So it was done in 5:18 then I tried to be fairly consistent.  There was no thinking of keeping recoveries to under 3mins as by 3km the wind had really picked up and I was struggling to walk at all into it...let alone with any speed.    But as per always...for as much as I hate this type of walk...it is over with pretty quickly and you feel so good once its done.  

I managed to keep my fast 500m to between 2:42 to 2:49 
and my recovery 500m to between 3:01 to 3:06

Total time for the 10km fartlek was 57:54........in that wind I am very happy with that.


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