Thursday, May 05, 2011

3 x 2km, 1 x 1km & 2 x 500m

I hate this type of workout with passion. I dont really know why as its over with fairly quickly but I feel I dont do very well at it.

I was lucky with the weather today. It was meant to be raining still but instead it was muggy with low cloud and half way through the walk the sun came out and it got really hot.

I was feeling very stiff and sore and it took a couple of laps to warm up and get moving. My first km felt nice and solid but after that I slowly unwound and got slower and slower. My legs felt really pumped and heavy and I just had no "get up and go". It has been a big week for me and with lack of sleep on top of it I was feeling a little lackluster about it all.......but as we all know, race walking is therapeutic and by the end of the work out I was feeling better mentally.

so here is how I did today.

1st 2km = 10:47
2nd 2km = 11:01
3rd 2km = 11:16
1km = 5:35
1st 500 = 2:38
2nd 500 = 2:41

My heart rate was steady ... max up to 167

3 x 2km, 1 x 1km & 2 x 500m

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