Saturday, May 07, 2011

20km out an back monaco - wet

I woke up today and I was sore. My legs felt like they had been stomped on!!! I cant understand why as I had done less km's this week than others?? Had I not recovered from the Quarter??? I have never had sore quads before and I am trying to figure out why I would have and how I could have hurt them???

Outside it was pouring....not just pouring rain but torrential pouring rain...the kind that your wipers in the car dont work with!!!!! yep I am going to get wet....very wet! I dug out my jacket and got dressed.

The first thing I noticed was the pain my quads....especially on my right leg as I lifted my leg to come through and lock and my left glute was letting me know it had been worked too. ugh...its not even a km and I have pains. I carried on hoping that once I warmed up the pains would go away. They were not bad enough pains to make me stop but they did concern me. I got to the 5km mark - by now I was totally soaked through. Puddles on the walkway were getting deeper and deeper, in fact I had not seen it this bad. The pains had pretty much gone away...I would get a twinge now and again. I think that I am trying too hard to change my left hip movement and it is buggering up the right I tried to just walk and not think too much about changing anything for the rest of it.

I got out to the 10km turn around and I was well and truly over the rain!! It had not eased up once but I was pleased there was no wind. I had been trying to walk around puddles, up along banks to avoid puddles and even weaving and snaking along the walkway between puddles but by the time I turned to come back it was pretty much flooded and there was no dodging any!!! in fact by now most puddles were small creeks and well over my ankles in depth...some puddles being 100m in length and it was so hard to continue race walking that in the end if I hit an area that flooded and that deep I just jogged through it.

I passed through 15km and didnt even bother to look at my watch. I already knew it was a disaster time wise and I was over caring by this stage. I was soaked and uncomfortable, with the water dripping down my neck into my jacket and down my sleeves to my elbows....every now and then I would straighten my arms and the water would drip from the sleeves. But on a positive note......I DIDNT MELT!!!!

I was so pleased to see home and hear my watch chirp for 20km. My legs felt like they had been through a wringer and my feet were hurting lots........(after taking my soggy shoes off, I had blisters all over my toes from wet socks!!!!) so I am taking a rest day tomorrow!!!!

total time was 2:08:35

20km out an back monaco - wet


Tammy said...

you poor thing! the photo - you are drenched! and ankle-deep water? oh my gosh that's awful!

AND blisters, AND psoas trouble...ouch :(. at least it's done now. sounds like jim is giving you some good help w/your troubles though.

Sarah said...

Oh man, Nyle! You know its workouts like that, that make you even tougher! I hope your pains are just phantom pains and that they don't cause you any trouble.