Saturday, May 14, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I woke up today with a very stiff sore back. It was just muscular but it was sore. I put some antiflam gel on my lower back before starting out.

I took it easy on the first km and then slowed up on the down hill of Beastons Road. I was feeling good every where else but my back was still sore and when I reached the 5km mark I nearly turned around to come back home again. But it was such a beautiful day out with no rain or wind that I didnt want to waste it either. I carried on and reached the 10km turn...I stopped and had a stretch and then turned for home. I popped out on to the motor way and ahead of me I saw two walkers fair steaming towards me. As they got closer I recognized the racewalk styles and saw that it was Raylene and Sharon. So I stopped to chat....(yay, as I really needed to stop)...we are all meeting tomorrow at the track and they are going to do their first 3km fartlek. We said our good byes and I carried on to home. I passed the Honest Lawyer and came close to just stopping and calling Shane to come and get me. By now my back was very sore. I knew it was muscle pain...not an I made sure I took great care with my style and just slowed right up.

I got home and Shane rubbed some ice gel on my back for me and as I type this he is making me some scrambled eggs for lunch. I am so lucky to have such a supportive hubby!!

So total time was 2:06:36 very slow.......I still have one more 20km to walk before my race in be honest...I dont want to do it but I know I have to. I really dont want to be this slow the week before a race.

20km out and back - monaco

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