Friday, May 06, 2011

12km out and back monaco

Its a overcast but muggy day. As I had missed doing a 15km this week I thought I should try to make it up. I chatted to Jim and we decided I should do 12km.

I got up and headed out to try and do some door knocking and get some sponsorship for my up coming trips. I got a few no's but I did get more ....come back on Monday and we will do something for you. Plus I got a cheque from a couple of places straight off. So my job for the weekend will be making the patches to sew onto my top.

I decided to take it easy today as it was a recovery walk and I have been doing these way too fast. Again I see my heart strap has played up again as it shows my heart spiking at ridiculous rates at places where there is no way that would happen. I have yet to go out and get a new battery as I am very hopeful that is what is causing this.......I dont even want to think that it could actually be ... my heart......

So this was a very slow and gentle walk. My quads are very sore and tight so it was nice to just slowly stretch out. I have 20km tomorrow and the club 6km walk in the after a busy day for me!.

total time was 1:16:47

12km out and back monaco - recovery

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Tammy said...

pretty sure it's your battery - mine did that when it was getting low I think. Good for you for taking it EASY when you needed to. That will save energy for the fast workouts! I think I should have taken it easier today as I have 4x2K tomorrow.